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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany


Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Marines display aptitude, skills in Warrior Competition

By #NAME? | | October 28, 2004

This year's Warrior Competition tested the essential skills the Corps says is necessary for the complete warrior.

Beginning the competition, the Marines faced the obstacle course testing the strength and endurance of the team members by measuring upper body strength and balance. Following the obstacle course, the Marines next put on a full pack, taking along their gas masks, as they headed for field maneuvers.

Once underway, the team leaders demonstrated their skills in map reading and land navigation. Along the route, each team checked in with each of the Command Posts to securing a card showing their contact. The teams also encountered a physical challenge, written or other skill test at each site. Some challenges included such skills as assembling objects to help them in movement across a set distance.

Part of the course also included a check-in station that assessed their knowledge and response to nuclear, biological and chemical situations.

At the end of the day, a point total was derived from the various evolutions the teams completed.

But, no matter where a team scored, in the end, all teams demonstrated they were up to standards and had the warrior spirit the Corps expects from its Marines.

The teams participating this year were - The Addicts, Female Assassins, Double D, Disbo 2, Blue Dog, Red Dog, HQBN, Medical, SJA and I&L.