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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Base donates computers to enhance learning process

By Lance Cpl. Kevin J. Ridlon | | August 12, 2004

Learning is a lifelong process that is structured from the time that you are born through your many years at schools to the day that you die.

As technology is growing, so is the need for equipment to help people fulfill their dreams and learn the skills needed to become successful is today's society.

This is why the Marine Corps, along with the other branches of the military, have come up with a program to get the needed equipment, such as computers, to the schools and non-profit organizations that need them.

Recently, 40 computers were donated to Baconton Community Chapter School in Baconton, Ga., and 40 more to Albany's International Studies Elementary Magnet School.

"We plan to use these computers for lessons, do reports and teach computer skills," said Wanda Mallard, representative for the International Elementary Magnet School. "We are going to use them for general classroom and school use."

This program is where schools and organizations can go online to request equipment from any military installation in their surrounding community.

"This program is run very well," said Joseph Saponaro, representative for Baconton Community Chapter School. "This is great equipment that can be used immediately, and everyone here is very professional and they seem eager to reach out to the community."

As installations upgrade and update their equipment and systems, all the equipment is stored for future use. If nobody from other military installations or shops have a need for the equipment, it is then donated to local schools.

"Other military installations have 30 days to claim the equipment," said Richard Smith, Supervisor Information Technology Equipment.

"If they don't want anything, we clean out the computer and get them ready to be donated," he explained.

Before the computers are donated, a special program is used to clean the computers out. After they are cleaned all the software is put back in them so that the schools can use them.

Authority is also given to support the schools that take the computers if they need help setting them up and getting them in working order. Also if the equipment is not working, it will be replaced.

"We offer this support on a time available basis," Smith said. "We want to make sure that the computers that are taken are in good working condition and they can be used."

To request computers and equipment, all the schools and organizations must fill out the application and register and sign for them online at www.computers.gov.

"It is a very good program," Smith said. "I have worked with it for 10 years, and have worked along with Marines to support more than three million dollars worth of equipment. We have always gotten good feedback from the people."