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Marine's book leaves others 'In the Shadows'

By Cpl. Isaac Pacheco | | July 29, 2004

For years, Marines have been known by many fierce monikers.  Names like: warrior, motivator, leatherneck and Devil Dog only scratch the surface.  However, thanks to the dedicated literary work of one Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany Marine, "novelist" can now be added to that list.

Although not an adjective most people would usually associate with a Marine, Cpl. John Blazewick, military police officer, Pass and Identification Office, is proving otherwise.

While most of his peers have spent the last two years working their way up the rank structure, relaxing during weekend liberty, Blazewick, a Mount Holly, N.J. native, has busily balanced the massive task of writing a novel and working as a military police officer.

"I first started 'really' working on this book in December 2002.  I worked on it off and on for a few months before my wife motivated me to get into the full-swing of it," Blazewick said.  "I just wrote whenever I had free time.  I had a lot of help from people in my shop and from my wife, Megan.   She motivated me by throwing ideas at me when I was treading water.  She wanted to see it done as much as I did, and throughout the process, she was very supportive and understanding."

Before sending the newly minted copy of his novel, "In the Shadow of Chaos," to a publisher, Blazewick sought advice from another Marine whose literary penchant had already landed him in the Albany spotlight.

"When I saw Capt. Dustin Thorn had finished his novel, I thought 'that's where I should be,'" Blazewick said.  "He gave me a lot of advice on what routes to take for publishing."

Blazewick's creative bug stretches back to his youth, to a day when he and his friends sketched fantastic characters for a slightly 'less refined' medium.

"The original concept came from a comic book that my friends and I created when we were 11 or 12 years old," Blazewick said.  "My wife helped me modify the concepts in it, and kept throwing out ideas that helped me change my original ideas into a more sophisticated novel."

"In the Shadow of Chaos" centers around two Norwegian brothers who lead a group of freedom fighters on a mission to take the world back from an anarchist society, known as the "Yh-Crana."  The reader is drawn into the futuristic first person narrative through the detailed journal of Brendan Clairmont, the younger of the two brothers. Along with brother Alec, he and a band of rebels travel through Europe on a daring pursuit of liberation and revenge. The story is rife with action, as the liberation force faces off with dangerous foes in their attempt to overthrow a world dominating empire of destruction.

Blazewick is hoping to release his book sometime early next year after his tour in the Marine Corps ends, but said he won't forget the promise he made to co-workers to return to MCLB Albany.

"Even though I'll be out of the Marine Corps by the time the publisher releases my book, I plan on coming back here to sign copies and promote my novel," Blazewick said.

"I would love to be a writer after I get out, but I have to establish myself first," Blazewick explained.  "My passion for writing has grown immensely since I completed this first novel, and now I really enjoy it.  I realized that I could write about anything I want, and I hope to do just that in the future."

Amazingly, in his freshman outing, Blazewick delivers a truly epic saga of the struggle between good and evil.  After reading "In the Shadow of Chaos," discriminating readers will undoubtedly be looking for more of Blazewick's work in the future.

His unconventional fiction is shining the light on traditional futuristic novels, and in the process, leaving even seasoned writers "in the shadows."