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Patrolman stands out among his peers

By Cpl. Nicholas Tremblay | | July 1, 2003

A Provost Marshal's Office patrolman was recently named MCLB Albany's Marine of the Quarter for the third quarter of fiscal year 2003.

Lance Cpl. Christopher Bello, a Queens, N.Y., native has been in the Marine Corps for one year and two months. Although he has been in the Corps just a short while he has proven his worth.

Staff Sgt. Charles E. Denson, PMO 1st Platoon watch commander, noticed when Bello first arrived on base that he was very confident, even as a private first class. Denson is impressed by the 21-year-old's overall appearance and work ethic, which is why he nominated Bello to represent PMO for the Marine of the Quarter Board.

"He's only been here for a short while," Denson said. "This is his first duty station and he is performing real well. I knew he would do well on the board, he just stands out from his peers.

"He's not the type of Marine to sit around and wait for someone to give him something to do," Denson said. "He's always getting out there and finding something to do and making things happen."

This is the second time Bello has been selected from among his peers to represent PMO. Recently, while still a private first class he was chosen to go before a meritorious lance corporal board. Although he won for the base, a Marine from MCLB Barstow, Calif., was chosen. But he still learned from the experience and was able to work on his weaknesses for the Marine of the quarter board. The most important lesson he learned from the board was to keep his military bearing at all times.

This time around Bello was more relaxed and confident, he said. He also made sure he answered the questions in complete sentences and looked straight ahead while answering. He concentrated on the questions and answered each one the best to his ability.

"You can never really know everything there is to know," said Bello. "And there is always gonna be one or two questions that you never expect them to ask."

Bello feels he was well prepared for the board, not only from having been on one before, but by studying various Marine Corps facts and fundamentals. He also received help from fellow Marines in preparation for the board. He studied every chance he got, whether he was standing duty at the front gate or at home with his wife.

As a junior Marine, Bello will someday be an NCO, which Denson thinks will be soon, and he looks to other leathernecks around him to learn how to lead Marines. He looks to Denson and admires the way he handles Marines, Bello said.

"If you do something not totally right the first day, he'll correct you and you may get yelled at, but the next day he'll totally forget about it," Bello said. "The next day is a new day, which is true, because if you have a bad day or screw up one day, you need to learn from it and move on."

Bello is a very competitive person and that helps him stay motivated and strive to improve himself. He currently holds the highest physical fitness test score at PMO, 287 of a possible 300.

"Whatever I do I complete it 100 percent," Bello said. "When I see somebody do something, I think to myself, well if they can do it I can do it better than them. Especially when I'm running a PFT; if I see someone running faster than me, I tell my self I'm better than them and give it my all to catch or pass them."

PMO has a Special Reaction Team that is normally reserved for corporals and above who are trained to handle hostage situations or other scenarios that the regular police force cannot handle. When Bello was on station for only six months and still a private first class he was selected for the team.

The hard-charging Marine does not show any signs of slowing down in the near future and plans to continue to improve himself. His next goal is to complete jump school at Fort Benning, Ga. Whatever other training the Marine Corps offers he said he will welcome it with open arms.

Besides being motivated by his fellow Marines, his wife Rose is always encouraging and supporting him in whatever he does, Bello said.