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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Marines kick, punch way to success

By Cpl. Denyelle D. Spillane | | May 27, 2003

Seven Marines are taking part in the Greenbelt Instructors Course being taught Friday by Staff Sgt. Lawrence Robles, martial arts instructor from Quantico, Va.

The course is designed to teach corporals and above to instruct other Marines in earning their tan, gray and green belts.

"The instructors course is designed to give Marines all the tools and knowledge that they need to teach other Marines," Robles said. "In this course we cover how to teach and demonstrate a technique and keep the Marines safe while they do it."

In another class that was taught here in the past, Robles recalls breaking a Marines ribs while demonstrating a technique.

Robles explained how an injury to a student could not only hurt him, but also cause him to stay at the last belt level they tested.

"At this point we have only tested for the tan belt," Robles said. "If one of the Marines going through the course were to get injured, they would lose their green belt status and remain a tan belt."

In the course, the Marines go through rigorous physical training and conditioning.

In addition to the martial arts training the Marines ran the obstacle course, did body hardening techniques, written tests, and spent some time in the classroom reviewing procedures. 

The Marine instructors have to give instruction on various techniques, demonstrate them, and evaluate the students.

In the Greenbelt Instructors Course the Marines are given all the tools for success.

"We also go over how to inspect the equipment that is being used to train for is serviceable," Robles said. "The biggest key in this class is to remember that safety is one of the main focuses."

The class is scheduled to graduate June 6.