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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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A-76 study ends

By Compiled by Emblem Staff | | December 31, 2001

After more than two years of intensive studies and hard work to maintain a lean, flexible, and efficient government workforce, base commander Col. Charles V. Mugno announced Tuesday a tentative award decision to keep the performance of the base maintenance function of Installations and Logistics Division within the government.

"I am very pleased to be here to announce to everyone that we won the A-76 competition for our Base Maintenance Section," said Mugno. "We did everything right! Most importantly, we were extremely fortunate to have some very talented people on our staff who worked very hard to achieve this result."

The Charleston, S.C.-based U.S. Naval Southeast Division Naval Facilities Engineering Command provided the review and analysis of the bids used to make the tentative decision.

The announcement culminates more than two years of public-private competition called for by the Office of Management and Budget Circular A-76, "Performance of Commercial Activities."
The process establishes federal policy for deciding whether to retain recurring, commercial-like activities within the government or contract them out to a private sector source.  The guidance tells how to compare performance and cost-related information to arrive at the best overall deal for the taxpayer.

Base officials were notified in April 1999 by Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps, that 114 civilian and 15 Marine billets in the Base Maintenance Section of the Installations and Logistics Division here would be studied for possible conversion to contract performance.

According to Gil Ward, the bid submitted by MCLB Albany was $5.8 million less than the closest commercial bid over the three-year contract period.

"This is a significant savings to the government and the taxpayers," said Mugno.

In October, Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, S.C., received the results of its A-76 and lost by $200,000 over a five-year period.

"What we did and the results of our work are a testimony to all those who worked very hard on the A-76 process," said Mugno. "I have said from day one that if there is one thing that we do right as a base community, it absolutely has to be A-76. I am pleased to announce that we did it right."

BGen. Richard S. Kramlich, commander of Marine Corps Logistics Bases, had similar thoughts.

"We were able to convey to the people who were analyzing what we were doing, [the level of] your commitment," said Kramlich. "I know those at the highest echelon of the Marine Corps were supportive of this A-76 process.

"We can provide the best product. We can provide the best service. It's not a coincidence that the logistics bases won their competitions because we are in the support business in every sense of the word. That is what we do. No one does it better than this base," said Kramlich.

"Let your supervisors know how much you appreciate the hard work they put into preparing us to be the most efficient organization.  Those of you who are supervisors, take time and talk to your civilian-Marines and let them know how much you appreciate what they have done and what we signed up to do," said Kramlich.

The next step in the A-76 process is the Public Review Period, which will take place over the next 60 days.

The portions of the I-L Division work force under study were those workers who provide for base maintenance and repair, utilities, production equipment maintenance and other services such as pest management. 

Implementation of the in house Most Efficient Organization will be completed after the final decision is announced in about 60 days.

The two winners of the A-76 competition within in the Marine Corps are MCLB Albany and MCLB Barstow, both under Marine Corps Logistics Bases.

"It shows that a professional, well qualified government workforce can compete with anybody and win. The whole command has been very supportive of this competition and without that, we could not have achieved this victory," concluded Mugno.