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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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TMO tips reduce PCS stress

By Sgt. Andrew P. Roufs | | June 16, 2005

Getting permanent change of station orders to another base or preparing to get out of the military can be the beginning of a very stressful time.  There are many things a person needs to think about prior to the actual move. 

The Traffic Management Office here offers active, reserve and retired servicemembers the opportunity to take the “grunt work” out of the move for them. 

“There are two types of moves a military member can facilitate:  the government move or Do-It-Yourself ‘DITY’ move,” said Norma Moss, transportation assistant, Traffic Management Office here.

During a government move TMO takes care of the arrangement of the move for the servicemember. 

To ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible TMO should be contacted immediately upon receipt of orders.

To prepare for your move you need to take the following when you visit TMO:

* Servicemembers need four copies of your orders (to include endorsements/amendments), for each shipment.
* If you have a shipment and request for Non-temporary storage, you should have eight copies.
* Have an idea of moving date.  Being flexible is imperative. 
* Do not schedule other important appointments on the same day as the pickup date because someone has to be at the residence from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. on your scheduled pickup date.
* Letter of authorization signed by you or a power of attorney in the case you appoint your spouse or an agent to act in your behalf.  Remember, this person is acting for you, and you are responsible for their decisions.
Be prepared for the packers when they arrive.
* Disconnect and place all components (stereo, computers) in their original cartons if available, but do not seal.
* Disassemble all fiberboard furniture (i.e. microwave stands, stereo cabinets).  These items tend to break easily.
* Dismantle outdoor play equipment, utility sheds, swing sets, playhouses, etc.
* Separate items which will not be shipped and identify clearly or place the items in the trunk your vehicle.
* Dispose of excess magazines and food that will spoil in transit.  Both will only add unnecessary weight to our shipment.
* Do not leave cash, jewelry, passports, airline tickets or other important documents unattended, they might get packed.
* Ensure each item has an inventory tag affixed to it, do not allow items to be taken to the warehouse to be boxed.
* Ensure ‘crystal’ is clearly marked and have appraisals for items considered to be antiques.
* Keep all documents associated with the government move for later use.
* If you disagree with the carrier’s representatives don’t argue with them, call TMO.

“Entitlements for a move are determined based on rank and destination of move.  Your orders also tells us what entitlements to give,” Moss said.

“A person who is traveling overseas, specifically Okinawa, Japan has three separate shipments: express (items that will be needed/used immediately upon arrival); household goods and long-term storage (items that may not be needed or are prohibited for shipment to overseas locations),” Moss added.

During a “DITY” move the servicemember chooses to personally move his household goods.  Entitlements for the move are given before the move and are based on estimated weight and mileage. 

It is important that during this evolution the servicemember keeps TMO informed of any changes in orders, and provide us with a good telephone number for contact purposes, Moss said.

Once the move is over do not dispose of any damaged property.  You must allow both the government and the carrier to inspect the damage if either requests to do so.

To schedule a move, whether a government move or DITY move, the person must have their official orders.  Web orders are not acceptable. 

Military members transitioning out of the military must have their 11060 form and retirees their retirement orders.

TMO is here to help ensure a smooth move, be it to another installation or out of the Corps.  For more information regarding moves, call TMO at 639-5824.