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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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MCLB donates computers to local schools, churches;

By Lance Cpl. Nicholas Tremblay | | December 20, 2001

The base donated approximately $360,000 worth of computer equipment to 20 local non-profit organizations during an informal ceremony held here Friday.

The base had made many computer donations since presidential approval of the program about five years ago, and command officials report they expect to continue give computers and computer equipment to schools, churches and other non-profit organizations whenever useable base equipment is replaced.

Executive Order 12999, Educational Technology Ensuring Opportunity For All Children in the Next Century, authorizes the donation of excess and surplus federal computer equipment to non-profit organizations. Donations of computer equipment are mandated by the Department of Defense through the Defense Automated Resource Management Program.  

According to 1st Lt. Darrell M. Elzy, base property control officer, military computers are constantly being updated or replaced with more updated equipment to ensure efficient mission accomplishment. Accordingly, instead of storing surplus computers in a warehouse to collect dust, military commands are giving the much-sought-after equipment to those who meet the non-profit criteria.

Tift Area School, St. Teresa School, God's Way Church, New Birth Fellowship Church, Greater Grace Church of God in Christ, Byne Memorial Baptist School, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Mt. Hebron Baptist Church, Mt. Olive Baptist Church Outreach Center, Terrell Academy and Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church were among the recipient organizations.

"It is great that the base is donating these computers," said Stephen Stallworth, pastor of Greater Grace Church of God in Christ. "It allows the base and community to work together for a good cause.?

The computers Stallworth received will be used for the computer literacy class that is taught at his church, Stallworth said. The program teaches children and adults the skills needed to succeed in their careers and educations.

To receive free computers, a non-profit organization representative must contact the Base Property Office at 639-6182. The organization will be mailed a request form to receive the free equipment. The request will be reviewed by Elzy and his staff and sent to the Defense Automated Resources Management Program Division in Arlington, Va., the organization responsible for excess federal property. The DARMP Division will approve or disapprove the request to receive the computers. Col. Charles V. Mugno, base commanding officer, must also approve the final decision.

Richard W. Jordan, minister at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Albany, would probably not be able to supply his church with computers if it were not for the base, he said.

"We have been trying to start a computer literacy program for the patrons of our church and local residents," said Jordan. "But, due to the cost of computers, we have not been able to raise enough money to purchase them. If it were not for the computers we received from the base, it might have taken years before we had enough computers to offer this training."