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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany


Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Veterans get assist

By Pfc. Nicholas Tremblay | | July 6, 2001

On June 28, the base commanding officer met with four representatives from the Georgia Department of Labor to sign a contract of agreement.

Col. Charles V. Mugno, base commanding officer, signed the contract because the base will be providing facilities to accommodate a veteran outreach program. The program is scheduled to be held every Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

The program will be held on base to provide a convenient place for veterans to be assisted in finding suitable local employment.

The base will provide office space, local telephone access, access to the Worldwide Web Network service via the local area network in accordance with base rules.

"This is an important program to the base base employees, because this allows us to assist our employees that are veterans in seeking help on veteran's benefits, or veteran placement priorities, or any other kind of issue that they may rate since they are a veteran," said Mugno.

"Those that take the time to serve this country, deserve special benefits and the base wants to ensure that they have a convenient place to go to learn about them" said Mugno.

For more information concerning the Veteran Outreach Program log onto www.dol.state.ga.us or www.albanyonestop.org or contact the Naval Civilian Human Resources Office at 639-5256.