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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Civilian-Marine wins shooting championship

By Lance Cpl. Phuong Chau | | July 6, 2001

The head of the Principal End Item Branch head here, won the 2001 Georgia Skeet Shooting Association's championship in Atlanta June 24. She shot 379 of 400 skeet traveling more than 55 miles per hour. 

Nancy A. Wilson, who with her husband Mike have been shooting skeet since February 1997 and have been competing in skeet tournaments since March 1997. She is from Randolph County and has been part of MCLB Albany for 17 years.

"She [Wilson] is a very good example of a leader," said Bootsie Dowdy, office automation assistant. "She stands on the line more than in the office."

Shooting skeet well involves three important aspects according to Wilson. They are consistency, weather conditions and gun fit. She prefers using a K-80 [Kreigoff] shotgun.

"It is a hobby, which I enjoy," said Wilson, who has been shooting since she was 8 when she first fired a pellet gun. She grew up on a farm and has always been around firearms.

"There is the same group of people who go to competitions," said Wilson about skeet-shooting culture.

"It is like a little mini vacation to go out and shoot on the weekends. It is also a way for me and my husband to spend time together," Wilson concluded.

The sun is out and the sound of shotgun blasts fill the air. A crack snaps when a skeet is destroyed in the air. Nancy Wilson is skeet shooting, and there is nothing in the world she would rather be doing.