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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Headquarters Battalion hosts Mess Night

By Cpl. Denyelle D. Spillane | | April 15, 2003

Headquarters Battalion hosted a mess night April 10 at the Base Conference Center.

Marines who participated in the mess night played an important part in keeping centuries-old traditions of the Marine Corps alive for future generations. Marine Corps uniforms are changing, but the Corps' values and traditions remain very much the same today as they were 200 years ago.

All ranks were on hand at the mess night as Marines bonded and shared humorous stories.

The mess president, Major Bryan F. Lucas, Headquarters Battalion commanding officer, started the night by "bringing on the beef," one of the most famous parts of the event's tradition. The mess president bit into the first piece of meat, assuring the meal's main course was safe and fit for his Marines. Marines eagerly waited for Lucas to bite into the meat. Lucas took the first bite and was not completely sure it was safe, so he took bite to make sure.

Following the taste test, Lucas declared the beef "fit for human consumption." 

The Marines enjoyed a good meal and the company of their fellow Marines.

After dinner, the real fun began with Gunnery Sgt. James F. Cully, battalion gunnery sergeant, levying the fines, an activity enjoyed by all, even those who paid even those who paid the fines.

Lucas then closed the floor to fines and declared it time for toasts.
Following the toasts, three Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals were awarded to Marines whose job performance was outstanding.

Following the presentation of awards, Sgt. Maj. Kenneth Waltz, base sergeant major, spoke to the Marines.

"I wanted him to be the guest speaker because he has done so much for the Marines here," said First Sgt. Anthony Wade, battalion sergeant major. "In a way it was his farewell to the battalion."

The night of honoring past traditions came to a close after Waltz concluded his speech. Marines' smiles as they retired for the evening showed they enjoyed the night of traditions.