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Meritorious board recognizes two Marines

By | | June 5, 2003

Two Marines were recognized May 28 for their performance and hard work on a meritorious promotion board. Recently named Marine of the Quarter, Lance Cpl. Curtis Dansby, military pay clerk, was the Marine who won the meritorious corporal board.

"Winning the board will help me in many different ways," Dansby, a Magnolia, Ark. native said. "But my main focus is on the Marine Corps and how I can help build it up."

Pfc. Anthony Curtis, postal clerk, won the meritorious lance corporal board.
Curtis recently arrived here from his military occupation school in Fort Jackson, S.C., and is already proving he is worthy of being a lance corporal.

"This accomplishment adds to the motivation I have to achieve all I can in the Marine Corps," Curtis, a Miami, Fla., native, said.

The Marines' victories did not come easy though.

"The questions that were asked were fair but hard," Curtis said.

The Marines were tested on their knowledge of Marine Corps history, core values, uniform and drill.

"We look at the whole Marine when we evaluate them on the board," said 1st Sgt. Anthony Wade, battalion sergeant major.

"Along with the recommended Marines' section evaluation, we look at their physical fitness test score, their basic skills test score and their rifle score," said Wade.

Dansby and Curtis won the board here, but will have to go against the winners from Blount Island Command, Jacksonville, Fla., and Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow, Calif. For the promotion.

If they win, Dansby and Curtis will receive a meritorious promotion. If they do not win, there is always next time.