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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany


Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Logistics Command officially established

By Larry Siegel | | June 26, 2003

The Logistics Command was officially established on June 9 when the Commandant of the Marine Corps signed All Marine Message 039/03, entitled Establishment of the Marine Corps Logistics Command, which states:

"MarCorLogCom Mission. To provide worldwide, integrated logistics/supply chain and distribution management; depot level maintenance management; and strategic prepositioning capability in support of the operating forces and other supported units to maximize their readiness and sustainability and to support enterprise and program level Total Life Cycle Management."

AlMar 039/03 further states: "This merger best supports Total Life Cycle Management and it will allow MarCorLogCom to focus on its essential missions: Support to the operating forces; improved responsiveness of the maintenance centers; enhanced support for the prepositioning program; enterprise-wide materiel readiness focus; and instituting a supply and distribution chain team. Establishing MarCorLogCom will further the integration of the 5th element of the MAGTF (supporting establishment) into the operation team."

You can find this message on the Headquarters Marine Corps web site at www.usmc.mil/almars by looking for the AlMar number 039/03.

In addition, Marine Corps Bulletin 5400, entitled the Disestablishment of MarCorMatCom (Marine Corps Materiel Command) and MarCorLogBases (Marine Corps Logistics Bases) and the redesignation as Marine Corps Logistics Command was published April 7. This document requires the commanding general of MarCorLogCom to take specific actions toward force structure modifications to finalize the formation of the command.

Also, Marine Corps Order 4000 has been written and staffed at Installations and Logistics Department at Headquarters Marine Corps. This order establishes the specific mission and functions of Marine Corps Logistics Command.

Relocations and Renovation 

"To state the obvious," said Col. Arthur Sass, LogCom chief of staff, "we are currently in the process of reorganizing and establishing newly formed departments in many different locations.

"Please bear with us during this period of transition.  I realize these moves have created problems for many of you, but the end result will be a better organized, more effective LogCom. I sincerely appreciate your patience."

According to Sass, moves have been completed or nearly completed for Programs and Resources, Manpower, the Business Office, Marketing, Information Technology, Studies and Analysis, and the Adjutant.

Renovations in Bldg. 3500, Wings 100 and 200 will begin soon and will facilitate the relocation of the Inspector, and Plans, Policies and Operations.
"We will keep you informed about our progress, so stay tuned," Sass said.