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Safety ensures summer fun for all

By Sgt. Joshua Bozeman | | June 12, 2003

According to the National Safety Council, the nation?s leading advocate for safety, June is national safety month, and this week, Sunday through Sunday, is ?Home and Community Safety Week.?

With schools emptying and the warmer weather, a variety of recreational opportunities are available that pose potential risks to those looking for summer fun. Motorcycling, 4-wheelers, camping, swimming and boating are just a few activities that could cause injuries or even death if the proper safety precautions are not taken.

Parents have to be especially mindful of safety measures, not only for themselves, but also for their children.
According to the Children?s Safety Network National Injury and Violence Prevention Resource Center website, more than 6,000 deaths in the United States are associated with recreational activities each year, with 3.5 million injuries to children under the age of 15 each year.

Following simple tips and being aware of potential dangers can help individuals be more prepared for problems that can arise during the hot summer months. Simple precautions such as wearing life vests or seat belts could be the difference in life and death.

The American Society of Pediatrics offers several tips to parents on multiple situations that could prove risky for unsupervised children.

Playgrounds, swimming pools and even lawn and gardening tools or insect stings and bites can cause serious pain for children if not properly supervised. 

With more travelers taking to the highways instead of the air, being safe on the road is becoming more important than ever. Not only must drivers be careful behind the wheel of their own vehicle, they must watch out for other drivers as well.

The upcoming Fourth of July holiday will also present several fun, though possibly dangerous situations. Although sometimes beautiful and exciting, firecrackers can cause serious injuries if they are handled carelessly or by those who are too young or don?t know what they are doing.

Remaining alert and knowledgeable can prevent many avoidable accidents.
Safety tips on numerous subjects are available through various search engines on the Internet. Statistics have proven that the only way to have a fun, memorable summer is to live through it. Summer fun can be safe.