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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Who's who at MCLB Albany

By Cpl. Tremblay | | May 1, 2002


Older brothers and sisters can be a source of motivation for their younger siblings. Carrying themselves in an inspiring manner, they may make a path for their younger brothers and sisters to follow.

Sgt. Alvin L. Payne, service record book chief here, enlisted in the Marine Corps in April 1996.  Following his brother's lead, he was looking to move his life forward. At the time, Payne, a Dublin, Ga. native, said he was completing college at a slow pace.

Payne said he needed a change and a sense of direction and his brother provided that.

"I always looked up to my brother, " said Payne, whose brother spoke to him about the importance of doing something correctly with the utmost effort.

Payne recalled a time during recruit training where he was caught with letter writing gear underneath his pillow. The drill instructors discovered less than kind words within the pages and Payne found himself in a large sandbox exercising.

Now, Payne ensures Marine's service record books are accurate and up-to-date.

"What if a Marine just got married, and his spouse needs to be added to his record?" asks Payne. "If his marriage isn't properly documented, then the records are screwed up."

As a sergeant of Marines, Payne is responsible for those around him.

"He is a good person, who looks out for you and is someone Marines can relate to," said Lance Cpl. Benjamin Dailey, personnel clerk here.

"You watch my back and I'll watch yours," said Payne stressing the importance of Marines taking care of each other and their family. "I try to take care of all the Marines around me."

Payne spends his free time helping the Single Marines Program and playing video games with his family and friends, he said.

Payne's staff non-commissioned officer in charge had positive remarks about his attitude.

"He (Payne) is a very energetic, confident and hard-working Marine," said Staff Sgt. Regina Williams, administration chief here. Williams can depend on Payne to carry out all necessary tasks quickly and efficiently, she said.

Payne says he will take his career "one enlistment at a time." He has enjoyed his first tour in the Marine Corps and is looking forward to future success.

"I hope to stay in long enough to retire, be able to sit back, laugh with my brothers and look back on the past at what we have done," Payne concluded.