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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany


Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Maintenance Centers receive CITE designation

By Donna Harris | | August 2, 2002

Secretary of the Navy Gordon England designated the depot maintenance activities at Marine Corps Logistics Bases Albany, Ga., and Barstow, Calif., as Centers of
Industrial and Technical Excellence, under Title 10 USC 2474, on July 19.

The CITE designation is the first of many anticipated enablers that will allow the maintenance centers to encourage and foster public-private partnering agreements with industry.  Marine Corps Logistics Bases Albany and Barstow have been recognized for their core competencies in combat support systems including amphibious support, combat and tactical vehicles, automotive and construction equipment, ordnance and weapons, general-purpose equipment and communications electronic equipment. 

The CITE authority enables the Marine Corps maintenance centers to perform work related to their core competencies under contract, subcontract, or otherwise for private industry or other entities.  The concept is to partner with industry, thereby complementing each other's strengths and improving the nation's defense by enhancing readiness in the most efficient and effective means available.  In addition to performing work for industry, this authority provides for the use of underused facilities or equipment consistent with the needs of the Department of Defense. 

In other words, the maintenance centers may be able to offset their operating expenses by leasing temporarily underused facilities and equipment to non-DoD partners. This is good news for MarCorLogBases' maintenance centers.  In the past, the MarCorLogBases' customer base consisted primarily of the Marine Corps and other DoD customers. 

With the designation of CITE, MarCorLogBases' maintenance centers will be able to pursue agreements with industry on DoD workload that will expand its current customer base and explore new opportunities for technology insertion.  Due to lagging modernization throughout DoD for the past several years, many facilities lack technology that is required to sustain future weapons systems equipment. 

Partnering is a way to gain capability and strengthen readiness.  New technology via partnering will create new job opportunities for employees at Albany and Barstow.  It is anticipated that partnering will create and preserve the availability of a workforce with the necessary expertise in manufacturing and maintenance to continue to meet the needs of our armed forces.

Many changes are taking place that will require open-mindedness to challenge the ways the Marine Corps maintenance centers have conducted business in the past and embrace new partnering arrangements.  Partnering with companies that may have once been competitors represents a new way of thinking. 

Combining MarCorLogBases' strengths with industry strengths creates a win-win for all Marine Corps Logistics Bases employees and the Marine Corps in improving equipment readiness.