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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany


Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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DLA executives study log ops

By Cpl. Joshua Bozeman | | July 25, 2002

Members of the Defense Logistics Agency who serve with the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Civil Service visited MCLB Albany July 18.

The group toured the operational areas of the base and was briefed on various aspects of logistics operations here.

Larry Glasco, executive director of DLA's Readiness and Customer Support; William J. Kenny, executive director of Business Operations at the Philadelphia Defense Supply Center; Rear Adm. Alan S. Thompson, commander of the Defense Supply Center at Columbus, Ohio; Army Col. Milton K. Lewis, director of the Land-Based Weapons Systems Group Defense Supply Center at Columbus, Ohio; Marine Col. Catkin Burton, chief of the Marine Corps Readiness Team in the Readiness and Customer Support Directorate of Logistics Operations at DLA headquarters; and Jackie Bailey, DLA's customer account manager, were among those who visited.

Throughout the day, the visitors were briefed by senior military leaders here, such as Brig. Gen. Bradley M. Lott, Marine Corps Materiel Command commander; Brig. Gen. Richard S. Kramlich, Marine Corps Logistics Bases commander; and Ken Trammel, MatCom executive director, on various logistics operations. The group's tour included the Maintenance Center and the Defense Distribution Depot Albany, Ga.

During the visit to the Maintenance Center, the visitors learned about the results of the implementation of the Theory of Constraints, a business practice designed to increase production rates and quality control, and were given the opportunity to ask questions.

During the tour of the Defense Distribution Depot here, they saw the organization's transportation, packing and receiving processes and how the DDAG implemented process that reduced turnaround time - from the time items arrive until they are shipped back to the customer - to one day.

The DLA officials' visit to DDAG also included the training facility, the computer processing area and the financial department.

"The Marine Corps and DLA are actively engaged in several initiatives," said Glasco. "We want to increase support to our customers, especially under Business Systems Modernization, by replacing legacy systems with commercial, off-the-shelf programs and by conducting business with a customer relationship management focus. Obviously, reducing costs while providing timely support continues to be in both our best interests.

"The Marine Corps is one of our most valued customers," continued Glasco. "We want to ensure we are doing all that can be done to provide the best service possible to support them in their missions worldwide, 24-7.

"The Department of Defense is transforming the way logistical support is provided," Glasco continued. "We are starting to use innovative, commercial industry practices, such as sourcing and stock positioning, which improves the service, reliability and synchronization of the distribution and transportation systems, often at a lower cost."