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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany


Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Three sections earn special recognition

By Colie Young | | October 10, 2002

The Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany and its tenants have become synonymous with excellence when military improvements or accomplishments are discussed.

The Base Fire Department grabbed the Navy's prestigious 2001 Ogden Award in April. The Ogden Award recognizes the top structural firefighting unit in the Department of the Navy.

The MCLB Albany Fire Department competed against all Navy and Marine Corps Bases from small to large and won the overall Allen G. Ogden Award for the best fire department in the Navy and Marine Corps.

The latest show of superiority came Oct. 2, when two departments presented special recognition trophies to Brig. Gen. Richard S. Kramlich, commander of Marine Corps Logistics Bases. The trophies recently presented to the departments' representatives in a ceremony held in the nation's capital.

MCLB's Environmental Branch and Fire Department were the latest recipients of the 2001 Commander-In-Chief's Special Recognition for Installation Excellence. Kramlich also received a Special Recognition for Installation Excellence trophy the staff judge advocate's office earned, during a ceremony held Sept. 25.

The Commander-In-Chief's Special Recognition for Installation Excellence is awarded to installations that strengthen the nation's defenses and excel in continuing efforts to provide the best possible places to work and live.

According to Kramlich, these awards are based on facts, and are becoming more and more common at MCLB Albany.

"It seems like whenever I talk with the Environmental folks or the Fire Department, it's on the heels of you winning some type of award," Kramlich said as he addressed dozens of employees of both the Fire Department and Environmental Branch Oct. 2.

"During the 30 months I've been here, the Fire Department has been recognized twice [with this being the third time], and they have also won the prestigious Ogden Award," Kramlich said. "This is also the third time [since I've been here] the Environmental Branch has been recognized by higher headquarters and higher organizations for the high caliber of work they do."

The awards won by MCLB's three departments show what innovative people can do, according to the citation the departments received.

"We're always working to protect and improve the quality of life for base personnel, their families and the surrounding community," said Dan Gillum, director of Installations and Logistics Division.

Another high honor received by MCLB personnel for fiscal year 2001 was Fire Inspector Keith Houston's first runner-up award for the Navy/Marine Corps-wide Fire Inspector of the Year Award.