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Thrift Shop breathes life into pre-owned merchandise ;

By Cpl. Nicholas Tremblay | | September 19, 2002

Many people want to find a bargain -- good items at low prices, and bargains are sometimes hard to find. One place base patrons can go to buy items for less is the Staff Noncommissioned Officers Wives Club Thrift Shop.

The Thrift Shop is open Wednesdays and Fridays from 10:30 a.m. until 3 p.m. It offers a variety of merchandise such as uniform items, clothes, household items and appliances and even children's toys.

Marines who are looking for a Creighton khaki dress shirt can purchase one for as low as $2, if the Thrift Shop has one in their size. Normally, this dress shirt costs $50 at the base's Marine Corps Exchange.

According to Mary Sutton, who has volunteered her time to be the Thrift Shop cashier for as long as she can remember, the store is becoming overcrowded, and she looks forward to getting rid of some of the merchandise.

Half the items in the Thrift Shop are donated to the Staff NCO Wives Club and the other half are sold on consignment for various customers. For the items sold on consignment, the Staff NCO Wives club receives 25 percent of the asking price. The money the Thrift Shop makes is put back into the shop to help pay the shop's rent.

Once in a blue moon, the shop receives an antique or unique item that is a good find, said Sutton. Sutton recalls one particular item that was an antique, a lamp.

"It was about this tall," said Sutton as she held her arm above her head, standing a little over 5-feet tall. "I never saw a lamp that looked anything like it before. It wasn't here long before someone saw its beauty and bought it."

Cpl. Cordell Thompson, telephone technician here, visits the Staff NCO Wives Club Thrift Shop at least once a month, if not more.

"The items at the Thrift Shop are really cheap," said Thompson. "I got a pair of cammies there one time for only $5."

Thompson also said that luck and good timing are sometimes needed to find some the best buys. He recalls a time when, just as he was entering, he saw someone walking out with two big coolers that were in good condition.

Thompson mostly shops for uniform items, but sometimes something else will catch his eye, so he buys it.

The Thrift Shop is located on Cash Avenue, across from the Base Automotive Hobby Shop.

Anyone interested in donating items to the Thrift Shop can call the Sutton during store hours at 436-2368 or put the donated items in the drop box outside the shop.