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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany


Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Fleet Marines evaluate MCA work

By Colie Young | | December 8, 2003

When the Marine Corps wants to extend the service life of one of its vehicles, which installation gets the call? The Marine Corps Logistics Command.

Headquartered in Albany, Ga., LogCom is the premier ground combat repair facility in the Department of Defense. Its Maintenance Center is the depot where all repairs take place. Most recently, Maintenance Center Albany was called upon to produce a prototype of the Corps' 7 ½-ton crane.

On Nov. 20, Marines from the three Marine Expeditionary Forces (I, II and III MEF) along with leathernecks from Marine Forces Reserve visited the southwest Georgia depot for a bird?s eye view of the quality of work done on the crane prototype.

"Maintenance Center Albany was contacted to do the work after we completed our marketing research," said Chief Warrant Officer-4 James Batton, Marine Corps Systems Command project officer for the light rough terrain vehicles. "The Corps wants to extend the service life of this asset instead of replacing it, and we found Albany to be our best option."

Batton, along with eight Marines from the operating forces, inspected the prototype crane and called the product "exceptional." Batton said MCA personnel put forth a "very good work effort" and "paid close attention to detail."

According to the project officer, the prototype was ready on time and met or exceeded specifications of the original equipment manufacturer. He added that the Marine Corps wants to extend the service life on 163 of these vehicles through 2006. Batton said Marine Corps Systems Command is committed to working with Marine Corps Logistics Command to making this a showcase program.

"This is an exceptional product," said Batton. "Now we?re clearing up any overhead issues and should be ready to start producing in early February with the first vehicle coming off the line in early March."