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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany


Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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ASMC monthly luncheon held;

By Sgt. Joshua Bozeman | | December 5, 2002

The commander of Marine Corps Materiel Command spoke at the American Society of Military Comptrollers monthly luncheon at the Crossroads Restaurant here Nov. 14.

Maj. Gen. Bradley M. Lott, opened his remarks by thanking the comptrollers for doing their jobs to the best of their ability, and told them that though it might not seem like it all of the time, they are appreciated by their entire chain of command.

The main subject of Lott's speech was integrity. Due to the nature of the comptrollers' jobs, they sometimes find themselves in situations where it would be easier to lie, or bend the truth, than to give all of the facts, he said.

Lott thanked ASMC members for taking criticism and standing up and saying what needs to be said, even if no one wants to hear it, and for helping those they advise  to look at all the angles and possibilities of any given situation. Lott said he has benefited from the honesty and directness of a comptroller many times, and he appreciats the commitment of all of the comptrollers here. 

Lott also thanked them for laying the groundwork for the battles the Marine Corps fights. The preparation they provide is one of the reasons the war fighters are so successful.

The recent failures in the civilian business world were also a topic Lott brought up to the ASMC members, citing trends of corporations such as Enron being unethical. Lott challenged everyone to fight unethical business practices.

"We have a lot to do to clean up America, no matter what uniform we wear," said Lott. "And comptrollers are on the front line."

He commended comptrollers, saying they "keep us on the right road."

The ability of the comptrollers to say no to unhealthy business practices or plans that sound too good to be true have helped the Marine Corps and the Department of Defense stay strong over the long haul, he said.

"Integrity means making tough choices and standing by them," said Lott. "I wish everyone was held to the same standards you are.

According to Lott, one of the strengths of comptrollers is they tell the whole truth, and no matter how bad things may be, they give an accurate report of the situation.

Lott said that he has been in situations before where he was not told the whole truth by his advisors, only to have some detail he didn't know come back and bite him.

Lott went on to say that comptrollers have been some of his most trustworthy and ethical advisors that he has had, and probably will ever have.

"I cannot thank you enough for what you do," Lott told them.

The leaders of ASMC wanted to thank the following individuals and business for their support and cooperation in recent events: Debra Hawkins, Logistics comptroller; Walmart Superstore; Bill Gates, director, Contracts Department; Gene Suber, deputy Comptroller; C.D. Meadows Construction; Sandra Lemke, director, Logistics Operations; Harvey's Supermarket; Security Bank and Trust Company; Navy Federal Credit Union; MacGregor; Merck & Company; Sam's Club; Robbins-Gioia; Miller Brewing Company; Wagner's Bar-B-Cue; Regions Bank; Albany Beverage Company; Owens Sporting Goods; Bob's Candies; and Buffalo Rock & Company.