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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany


Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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LOGCOM CG reflects on his tour

By Pamela Green Jackson | Marine Corps Logistics Command | June 19, 2018


Maj.Gen. Craig C. Crenshaw, commanding general, Marine Corps Logistics Command, ended his three-year tour of duty during a change of command ceremony on Schmid Field at Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, June 14.

Crenshaw said one of the first things he looked at upon arrival was LOGCOM’s current posture and the long war coming to an end. 

“We knew we had been postured correctly, but that was then. We had to look at the new environment which resulted in having an operational planning team look at the current mission to see if something was lacking that would cause the command not to meet the challenges of the new environment” he explained. “This internal look would establish a framework as we moved forward.”

Crenshaw said one of the things they did was reorganize the command to better align themselves to support the warfighter, which has always been the focus of LOGCOM. 

“Throughout my tenure, warfighter support has always been our number one priority and we looked at ways to do it even better.   We were able to identify gaps that required better command and control to include enhanced inventory management,” he said. 

“Another thing we looked was a Logistic Information System that worked in concert with the operating forces as well as improving workforce training and education,” he continued.  “We asked ourselves how can we better manage and support the warfighter?

“For instance when we have new equipment coming in, do we have people properly trained? Are there  professional development opportunities and ways to excel in various jobs or advance in current employment roles?  We cannot rest on our laurels; the environment is changing and so should we and this allows us to think differently.  We must start to think differently,” he added.

Crenshaw said he departs LOGCOM with the analogy of moving an aircraft carrier as it relates to change management. 

“Change takes time.  You may not see the movement unless you’re paying very close attention.  The command is changing – embarking on a different way of thinking and looking at things.  We are now embracing change and new technology in a different way and creating a center of excellence where people will continue to look to LOGCOM as the place to get answers to complex issues,” he said.

Crenshaw concluded he may have contributed to the change, but states it was a collective effort given the importance of the command’s mission.  He also noted that the (ongoing) success of LOGCOM will involve community investment.

“The community has been great.  They have welcomed my wife and I and I’ve made several personal friends that we will forever cherish.  The social engagements, networking opportunities and visits to great venues will also be missed,” he said.  “Albany is the good life city, so now I can walk away knowing what that means.”

Albany Area Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Barbara Rivera Holmes said, "One of our greatest recent advantages has been for Marine Corps Logistics Command to be under the leadership of Maj.Gen. Crenshaw, whose vision and passion has allowed for forward-thinking initiatives that are creating incredible opportunities for advancements -- with local, national and global impacts -- that will guide the command into the future and support a 21st century Marine Corps. He has been a true partner to Albany, an advocate of the community and a friend. I am honored to have worked alongside him in our joint commitment to strengthen the community, the command and the Corps through partnerships."

Crenshaw reflected that while he is departing, he will not be here when several key initiatives that were started during his time in command will be completed.  Some will require couple of years before the full benefits are recognized, and he is good with that.

“We embarked on innovative efforts that will eventually result in bigger gains for the command, as well as the Marine Corps,” he said.  “This includes established partnerships with the community, universities, business leaders, and the implementation of 3D metal printing to produce parts”. 

Carla Johnson, director, Quality Management Center, LOGCOM, has worked under Crenshaw’s leadership during his entire tenure and found him to be a great listener who was principled and fair.

“It has been my privilege and honor to work with and support Major General Crenshaw in carrying out his vision and goals for LOGCOM these past three years.  I’m most appreciative for the encouragement, support and confidence he placed in me to lead several important initiatives for the command,” she said.

One Marine who worked closely with him agreed.

Staff Sgt. Bailey served as LOGCOM’s Family Readiness Officer and described Crenshaw as very approachable and a passionate Marine who cares about his people.

“This specific combination makes Marines under his charge appreciate his leadership and consistency.  I’m honored to say I have served with him.”

Crenshaw said he leaves Albany with a greater appreciation for what this command offers to the warfighter.  He departs for his new assignment at Manpower Management Division, Manpower and Reserve Affairs at Headquarters Marine Corps in Quantico, Virginia.

“My experience here working with different types of people from different backgrounds, understanding diversity, being able to view personnel in a broader spectrum will allow me to add something to the job I’m going to,” he said.  “I will miss the people, the mission and the five-minute commute to work every day.  LOGCOM is on the right path and the people here will keep it going.  The culture and social aspect of being here in this community – many do not appreciate.  If I had it to do all over again, I would.”