Travis announces local effects of Air Force manpower force structure changes
7 Mar 2012
Air Force officials released force structure changes and resulting manpower impacts from the new DoD strategic guidance and fiscal 2013 President's Budget Mar. 6. The fiscal 2013 President's Budget adjusts Air Force military end strength to 501,000, with net reductions of 3,900 Active Duty, 5,100 Air National Guard and 900 Air Force Reserve billets.

Travis AFB will see a reduction of 11 military positions, .1 percent of the base's overall manning. Military personnel affected by these billet reductions will continue to proudly serve at Travis or other bases as part of a consolidation and resource optimization initiative.

"Travis Air Force Base recognizes the challenges our Air Force is facing in this difficult economy and realizes that with those challenges comes tough decisions" said Col. Dwight Sones, Commander of the 60th Air Mobility Wing. "Despite these Air Force-wide reductions, Travis will remain focused on our mission and will continue to operate as a Total Force team with our partners at the 349th Air Mobility Wing and the 615th Contingency Response Wing."

Also included in recent Air Force announcements was the reduction of 286 aircraft throughout the Air Force fleet over the next five years, including 227 for fiscal year 2013. Particularly of importance to Travis are the future plans for the C-5 Galaxy, C-17 Globemaster III, and the KC-10 Extender fleets. However, none of the aircraft at Travis will be affected by the retirement of these 286 aircraft. Over the next several years, all Travis C-5s will be upgraded as part of the modernization of the fleet to the M model. Modernization programs will also continue for both the C-17 and KC-10 platforms.

The mission at Travis will continue to support Air Force airlift and air-refueling capabilities ensuring a rapid global mobility force--both the capability to get forces to the fight and to extend the range and endurance of airborne platforms. These are unique Air Force capabilities that are crucial to ensuring joint force effectiveness.

"As the Air Force becomes smaller, we will ensure Travis preserves a high-quality force that will grow to be even more capable in the future," Sones said. "This will include not only modernizing the fleet, but ensuring our Airmen and civilian workforce remain a capable and efficient force."

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