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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany


Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Marines maintain warrior spirit through MCMAP

By Nathan Hanks | Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany | November 30, 2016


In 1918, during the battle of Belleau Wood, France, the Marines were given the nickname “teufelhunden,” or “Devil Dog,” by the Germans for their fierce fighting ability. 

Nearly a century later, the Marines continue to maintain that warrior spirit through the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program.

Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany hosted two MCMAP courses simultaneously aboard the installation, Oct. 27- Dec. 1.

Sgt. Josue Balbuena, MCMAP instructor, MCLB Albany, taught several Marines during the two MCMAP courses before testing them for their grey and brown belts at the Dojo aboard the installation.

“MCMAP helps hone the Marines’ mental, physical and character discipline for the battlefield,” Balbuena said. “Every Marine has a warrior spirit. The warrior spirit is embedded in all of us in recruit training and MCMAP helps us retain and hone (that spirit) through the ranks.

“(We are) one team, one fight,” he continued. “MCMAP and the warrior spirit helps prepare us for war as we fight alongside our brother and sisters-in-arms.”

Pfc. Mykerria Johnson, MCMAP student, has six more hours to complete before she tests for her grey belt.

“I feel like MCMAP has helped the warrior spirit in me grow,” Johnson said. “MCMAP is helping me feel like I am part of the Marine Corps. It has definitely made me tougher, built up my endurance and strength.”

Johnson, who describes herself as easy-going, said “if push came to shove and I needed to use some of these techniques, I definitely would,” she said.