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Tax Center


The Albany Vita Tax Center is now open through April 15, 2022 to Active Duty/Retirees/Dependents. 

Monday - Thursday from 8a.m. - 11a.m., 1p.m. - 4p.m. 

Friday from 8a.m. - 11 a.m.

Clients will be required to call and schedule an appointment to be seen by a tax preparer  Please bring all required tax documentation at the time of appointment. 

To schedule an appointment, please call 229-639-8168.


Please bring a valid I.D., Social Security cards and all of your:

 - W-2s

 - 1099s

 - Any interest statements sent from the bank

 - Property tax information paid on mortgages

 - Form 1095 for health coverage


Please pay special attention to your 1099 forms block 7. There are some codes that are out of scope for our VITA preparers and will need to be professionally filled. The codes that are out of are scope are below:

5 - Prohibited Transaction

6 - Tax Free Section 1035 exchange

8 - Excess Contributions

9 - Cost of current life insurance

A - May be eligible for 10-year tax option

E - Distributions under Employee Plans Compliance Resolution System

J - Early distribution from Roth IRA

K - Distribution of IRA assets not having a readily available FMV

N or R - Recharacterized  IRA contribution

P - Excess contributions plus earnings/excess deferrals

T - Roth IRA distribution, exceptions apply

U - Dividends distributed from an ESOP

W - Charges or payments for LTC contracts


We look forward to helping you with your taxes!  See you soon.


Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany