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Base deer hunting qualification dates set

By Nathan Hanks | Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany | August 15, 2016


Before deer hunting season begins aboard Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany on Sept. 10, all hunting enthusiasts must attend a Hunter Brief as well as qualify with their bow.

Four separate Hunter Briefs will be held: Aug. 16 and 18 from 11:30 p.m. – noon; and from noon - 12:30 p.m. at the Base Theater.

All wishing to hunt aboard the base must attend one of the four scheduled briefs, according to Julie Robbins, natural resource manager, MCLB Albany.

Hunting qualifications are scheduled Aug. 16-18 from 12:30-1:30 p.m. and 3:30-6:30 p.m.

“Hunters get one attempt to qualify per day,” Robbins said. “Qualification will consist of shooting from one of our stands at a target 30 yards away. 

“You must cut the paper plate on the target with two out of three arrows,” she continued. “We will allow you to use practice broadheads (arrows) for expandable types only, otherwise no field points (arrows) are allowed.” 

Hunting permits will be sold only to those who successfully qualify with their bow. In addition, all hunters must have a current Georgia hunting license, certificate of understanding, hold harmless agreement and hunter registration filled out and turned in after their qualification.

In addition, all new hunters must take the National Bowhunters Education Foundation course before hunting aboard the installation. This course includes an online and a field exercise portion. 

New hunters must take the online portion and pass the exam before participating in the field exercise portion. The field exercise, which will be taught at the qualification, will focus on tree stand safety.

The Bowhunter Education Course can be found at: http://www.bowhunter-ed.com/florida/ or http://www.bowhunter-ed.com, and select Florida as the state.

In the center of the page, click "Sign Up for Free" and click and register by creating a log-in name and password. This online course takes approximately four hours and there will be a quiz at the end of each of the eight chapters.

Also, there is a test at the end of the course with approximately 50 questions. When complete, a verification screen pops up notifying the hunter of successful completion hunters must print this screen along with their score.

Do not sign up for the field day because the hunter will be prompted to pay $30. Bring the printed paper with the score to the qualification so the score will be recorded for the completing online course.

Those on temporary additional duty may contact Robbins to reschedule the brief and qualification. 

Youth hunters can qualify separately by contacting Robbins, Al Belanger, MCLB Albany’s game warden or any of the conservation volunteers.

Robbins also said scouting and stand placement will begin Aug. 29, and no baits or lures can be used during scouting. 

For more information about the hunting program, call Robbins at 229-639-9946 or visit: https://albany.usmc.afpims.mil/Portals/75/Users/188/36/2236/Hunting%20Program.pdf.