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Marines train to become AMP-IT instructors

By Marti Gatlin | Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany | May 13, 2015


Considered an "alternative workout," Aquatics Maximum Power-Intense Training provides a way for participants to conduct non-impact physical fitness exercises in water.

AMP-IT instructors Jeania Lamonzs and Whitney Hendrix, Marine Corps Community Services, conducted a two-day train the trainer course at the Base Pool, May 13-14, for a group of Marines who will become future AMP-IT instructors.

“We’re teaching Marines to instruct their Marines in physical training,” Hendrix said.

The future AMP-IT instructors will be able to train their Marines on the exercises, which gives Marines a chance to rest their bodies from rigorous workouts but still feel like they’re working out. The exercises also help Marines who may have injuries to continue to heal while still being physically active.

“This is a non-impact workout — basically the same exercises that you would do on land,” Hendrix explained. “This is a great program because it can be implemented into Marines’ usual PT schedules. Because this is a non-impact (workout, they) can come in and use this as (their) active recovery day or active rest day and still feel like (they) got in a great workout. They can PT without worrying about heat exhaustion and it’s great for anybody at any fitness level with any injuries or ailments.”

Sgt. Crystal Stein, Marine Corps Logistics Command, participated in her first AMP-IT course and hoped to learn “more knowledge on how to PT my unit. We have Marines on light duty and limited duty who don’t do any PT at all, and I’ve found out it’s (not) injury prone."

Cpl. Devante Mimms, Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, who also took the course for the first time, spoke about his reasons for taking it.

“The reason why I’m taking AMP-IT is to PT my guys who are on limited duty, to help myself as well be better with PT and to get (my guys) used to the pool,” Mimms said, noting he wanted to learn the proper way to perform the exercises so he could show his Marines the correct way to do them.