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Maj. Joseph Garaux, faculty advisor, Expeditionary Warfare School, Quantico, Virginia, takes a turn sitting in a railcar during his visit to Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, March 24-26 with EWS students.

Photo by Joycelyn Biggs

Officers give ‘attention’ during EWS tour on base

26 Mar 2015 | Joycelyn Biggs Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

Touring maintenance buildings, listening to command briefs and sitting behind the wheel of a railcar were some of the activities on the agenda for Expeditionary Warfare School students, who visited Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, March 24-26.

EWS educates and trains company grade Marine Air-Ground Task Force officers to serve in an expeditionary environment. The 40-week resident school provides career-level, professional military education and training to company grade Marine officers, according to the Marine Corps University website,

Maj. Joseph Garaux, faculty adviser, Expeditionary Warfare School, Quantico, Virginia, said only about 20 percent of military officers are allowed to attend this training course.

The 18 students he brought to Albany are part of the captain’s career level course with positions in supply and logistics. Garaux said the goal of this visit was to give the students military occupational specialty appreciation, a better appreciation of the Marine Corps logistics enterprise and how they will interface with the process once they return to the fleet.

Capt. Antonio Cillo said this was a great experience for him.

“I learned my unit can get some free stuff from here, he said. “There’s millions of dollars’ worth of equipment available and my unit has access to it, we just have to ask.

“That makes this base very pertinent to me,” Cillo added, noting he was pleased to have this as part of his EWS curriculum.

The students traveled to Blount Island Command, Jacksonville, Florida, once the learning experiences scheduled here were completed.

Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany