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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany


Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Prescribed burning occurs aboard base

By Marti Gatlin | | December 20, 2012


Game Warden Al Belanger, operates a 12,500-pound drum chopper hooked to a tractor to cut down dense underbrush near Production Plant Albany before prescribed burning begins aboard Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany.

Prescribed burning is an integral part of managing forests in southwest Georgia. Burning accomplishes multiple objectives including reducing fuel loads to mitigate wildfires, improves habitat for wildlife, and reduces populations of undesirable plants and insects.

Fire is carefully applied to forests according to weather and forest conditions by trained Natural Resources staff. 

These “controlled burns” will begin here shortly  with about 725 acres of forest scheduled to be burned by the end of March.

Natural Resources staff will attempt to select weather conditions that ensure smoke does not impact heavily populated areas of the base such as Lincoln Housing Area, administrative buildings or Production Plant Albany.

Smoke is an unavoidable aspect of prescribed burning and those with breathing issues are asked to exercise care when smoke is present.

Any questions concerning prescribed burning may be directed to Julie Robbins, natural resources manager, at 229-639-9946.