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Flag football season in full swing

By Jason M. Webb, Public Affairs Specialist | | October 21, 2010

As the fall chill fills the air, the 2010 Fall Flag Football season is heating up.

Already one quarter of the way through the season, teams have shaken off the rust and have started to refine their grid iron strategies before the regular season ends Nov. 3.

Underneath the lights of Crouch Field, the softball field which had its grassy outfield converted into a football field, teams, family members, fans and onlookers line the sidelines to cheer their favorite team.

In the Oct. 18 matchup, Team G defeated Team Garaunsuay in the first game of the evening improving their score to 2-2 with a final score of 13-6.

Team G quarterback and coach Miguel Gutierrez, said his team of 13 Marines and two civilians is in the running for tournament play at the end of the season since they are hungry to avenge their previous losses.

“We have a lot of talent, and we have a solid defense with a lot of speed,” Gutierrez said. “Our offense still needs to come together, but we are getting better each week.”

Getting better each week not only works for Team G, but the secret to success must have graced Team Ruff which won its fourth game in a row Monday and stayed at the top of the leader boards by defeating a tough 2-2 Team Keel in a narrow 12-13 victory in which Team Ruff held off a drive near the goal line to finish the game.

“It was a matter of broken plays and last minute mistakes, said Team Keel coach Justin Keel about his teams play and the last minute drive that ultimately failed twice to score. “Our record doesn’t tell the story with my team. I feel we are the best team in the league because I have players that put their heart into it and they play smart. On paper, people look at Team Ruff as being the best team, but we showed everybody that they need to be looking at us as well.”

Team Ruff coach and quarterback Jimel Ruff said his record stands for itself and his team is that ... a team.

“What I see is they (the other teams) are more individuals,” Ruff said. “For them it’s about how good can I do? And with my team it’s about how good can we do.”

The last game of the evening pitted Team Jones versus Team Keating in a low scoring game that gave the lone-touchdown game to Team Jones with a final score of 6-0.

Team Keating coach Nicholas Keating, said that his team needs work in its passing game but his running and defense has fared well so far this season.

“If we can work out our problems in practice we should fare well this season,” Keating said. “We haven’t played anyone that we couldn’t beat yet.”

The fifth game of the season was played Oct. 20 and was being played as The Emblem went to print. Team standings have changed and will only reflect results following Monday night games.