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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Computers donated to local schools aid in higher learning

By Cpl. Denyelle D. D'Aveta | | July 22, 2004

Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany recently donated 24 computers to Albany's Terrell High School. The computer donations are part of the Computers for Learning program, which was established by Bill Clinton during his presidency.

The donation was the first of three, which will total 126 computers that will be donated.

Norma Morrison, the school's Health Care Science Technology teacher, used to have only six computers for her students to work on. With an average of almost 30 students per class, she said she didn't have the necessary resources for her students to complete their assignments in a timely manner.

"My students normally had to take turns with their research because of the lack of computers," Morrison said. "With this donation of computers, every student will have their own computer to work on and there won't be any delays in their work because of the lack of resources."

Since 2001, MCLB's Base Property Control has donated excess serviceable computers to schools, churches and other educational organizations within the community.  These organizations use the computers for various purposes, to include supporting tutorial programs for under-privileged children, afterschool programs, and to train students in grades kindergarten through 12th grade.

The computers donated are no longer needed for use by the Marine Corps.  Therefore, they are donated to organizations that are in need of the technology.  There is no charge to the requestor, and the Marine Corps and the schools see the results in better test scores and better grades.

Overall, 172 computers and 50 printers have been donated to the local community thus far.  This amount does not include this year's donation.

"These computers are given to organizations ready to use.  All of the computers have been 'cleaned,' which includes having the memories wiped and hardware refurbished so they will be ready to use," said Richard Smith, Information Technology supervisor here.

"The MCLB Computer Donations Program is vital and rewarding to the local community," she went on to explain.

Since 1995, MCLB has donated approximately $3.7 million worth of computers.

In addition to Terrell High School, Mock Road Elementary and Baconton Charter School will also receive computers this summer.

"This program is good for the community," said Col. Joseph Wingard, commanding officer, MCLB. "I'm glad that we have the opportunity to help."