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Kathleen Seymour, quality assurance specialist, Fleet Support Division, Marine Corps Logistics Command, practices with her new bow at the Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany Archery Range, Friday. MCLB Albany’s deer season is scheduled from Sept. 13 – Jan. 15, 2015.

Photo by Nathan L. Hanks Jr.

Base sets deer hunting requirements

17 Jul 2014 | Nathan L. Hanks Jr. Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany’s fall dear season begins Sept. 13 but before getting into a tree stand, all hunters must attend the 2014-2015 hunting season brief and pass the base hunter’s qualification course.

Separate sessions have been set aside for returning hunters and those new to the base, according to Julie Robbins, natural resource manager, Environmental Branch, Installation and Environment Division, MCLB Albany.

Returning hunters may attend the hunting brief and archery qualification today or Tuesday.

Each day, the annual hunting brief will be held from noon – 1 p.m. at the base theater followed by an archery qualification at the base archery range until 5 p.m.

For the new base hunters and first-time hunters, I & E is offering the hunting season brief Aug. 9 or Aug. 23 from 9 a.m. -1 p.m. at the I & E conference room in Building 5501. Hunters must pass the archery qualification course at the base archery range.

“The hunting brief provides hunters a summary of the upcoming season’s rules and regulations,” Robbins said. “Each year, Natural Resources adjust antler restrictions, quotas and other regulations based on biological data, input from hunters and other factors. The hunter brief provides a forum to ensure that all hunters are aware of these changes.”

The qualification process demonstrates a hunter’s proficiency with his or her archery equipment and provides an opportunity for individuals to inspect their equipment, according to Al Belanger, game warden, MCLB Albany.

“The qualification this year will consist of a single shot from an elevated stand at a 3-D deer target,” he said. “Hunters must be able to hit the vital area in order to demonstrate proficiency.

“Archery hunting requires consistency that comes from practicing,” he said. “The qualification process helps to ensure hunters practice and hone their skills prior to the start of hunting season.”

To hunt aboard MCLB Albany, per Base Order 1720.17R and Base Bulletin 1720, all bow-hunters must pass the base hunter’s qualification course and the National Bowhunters Education Foundation safety course.

Hunters who have previously passed the course do not need to take the course again but need to attend the annual hunting brief and qualification course, Robbins said.

“The National Bowhunter Education Foundation Course is a nationally recognized hunter education class that promotes safe, responsible hunting,” Robbins added. “The course focuses on stand safety, skills to make hunters successful, the history and evolution of bow hunting and ethics.”

According to the natural resource manager, all new hunters must complete and pass NBEF’s online course test at

“Hunters should select Florida as the home state since Georgia is not yet available,” she said. “Once the online portion is completed and the test successfully passed, hunters must attend one of two offered field days.

“Hunters should not sign-up for the $30 field day offered online,” she warned. “The field days here on the installation are free of charge and will include the annual hunting brief and archery qualification.”

In addition, all hunting enthusiasts are required to have a valid Georgia hunting license, big game license and a base hunting permit, according to Robbins.

Base hunting permits may be obtained at the Environmental Branch Office in Building 5501.

For more information, call the Natural Resources Office at 229-639-9946 or the game warden at 229-809-2495.
Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany