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Marines with III Marine Expeditionary Force disassemble and clean the components of an M1A1 Abrams tank at the conclusion of the Combined Joint Logistics Over the Shore 2013 exercise in Pohang, Republic of Korea, May 1.

Photo by Sgt. Brandon Saunders

BICmd Marines support exercise in Korea

29 May 2013 | Sgt. Brandon L. Saunders Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

POHANG, Republic of Korea - Marines from Marine Corps Logistics Command’s Blount Island Command in Jacksonville, Fla., supported the Combined Joint Logistics Over the Shore Exercise 2013 throughout the month of April in Pohang, Republic of Korea.
CJLOTS ‘13 is a biennial maritime prepositioning force exercise designed to prepare participating forces to mobilize efficiently and effectively in the event that humanitarian aid or disaster relief is needed.
The exercise is held jointly and bilaterally with the Republic of Korea Marine Corps and Navy; Marines and Sailors from III Marine Expeditionary Force; Sailors from Navy Expeditionary Strategic Group 3; soldiers with U.S. Forces Korea and Coast Guard Port Unit 313.
The USNS Bobo transported most of the equipment used in the exercise including tactical vehicles and heavy equipment.
“Personnel with Blount Island Command provided a technical assistance and advisory team to be the broker to transport equipment from the USNS Bobo to the operational forces for both the Marine Corps and the Navy,” Lyle G. Layher, head of the BICmd TAAT, said.
The location of the exercise was also critical to the mission. The III MEF element and BICmd TAAT were located at Dogu Beach, South Korea, allowing the Marines to train with their Korean military counterparts using amphibious assault vehicles.
“We were there to assist and advise with boots on (the) ground,” Sgt. Kevin Eri, embarkation noncommissioned officer, BICmd port operations, said.
The exercise focused on readiness and mobilization and also served as an opportunity to strengthen operational ties with allies in the Pacific Theater.
“Our presence helped to strengthen the offload and backload process in order to make the exercise run more efficiently,” Eri said.
Marines from BICmd have been supporting CJLOTS for nearly three decades, providing assistance, which helps the operational forces through every logistical step with equipment from the initial arrival to the assembly area for follow-on employment in the area of operations.

Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany