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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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MCLB Albany OSC selects Military Spouse of the Year

By Joycelyn Biggs | Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany | March 13, 2015


When Military Spouse Magazine asked who was the best of the best military spouse from Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, the community of spouses answered.

Nicole Onuska, first vice president and auction chairperson, MCLB Albany, emerged as the winner among her peers.  Onuska’s win was attributed to her commitment to being extremely active on the base according to Brandy Wetegrove, events coordinator, Officers' Spouses' Club.

“I nominated (Onuska) because she is always trying to help,” Wetegrove said. During meet and greets with military families, we can always depend on her opening her home to the new families. Wetegrove said Onuska also has a wealth of information concerning the base and she is always willing to share it with others.

“If you have a question, she has the answer,” Wetegrove said. "If she doesn’t, she will do her best to find it.”

To address the various needs of military families, Onuska holds several titles. In addition to her OSC responsibilities, she serves as an assistant to family readiness and is a mentor in the Lifestyle Insights Networking Knowledge Skills (L.I.N.K.S) program.  All the organizations are geared towards addressing the needs, questions and concerns of military families.

Onuska described understanding how it can be overwhelming to arrive in a new place with a family and not know anyone or anything about the community. Having someone there to help adjust is invaluable.
"I strive to play a small role in removing some of that stress," she said. “When all the work is done and I can see my efforts benefit a member of the military and their family, that is enough for me.”