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Departing military personnel benefit from TAMP

By Art Powell | | January 28, 2010

Leaving military service can be stressful for some military personnel, but that’s why the mandatory Transition Assistance Management Program is available to assist them prior to separation.

“For military personnel who are separating, we suggest they attend a TAMP class one year before they plan to leave,” said Sherry Crew, transition assistant, Marine and Family Services, Marine Corps Community Services, Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany. “For military personnel who are retiring, we suggest they attend two years before their retirement date.”

Attending TAMP allows personnel to understand what they need to do prior to re-entering civilian life and how to prepare for it.

“That helps them get their ducks in a row, so to speak. If they want to go into the Troops to Teachers program for instance, but need to finish their education, they’ll have time to prepare and hit the ground running when they get out,” Crew said.

The need to prepare service members for entry into the civilian work force is based on the fact that many of them entered the military at a young age and have no civilian work experience.

“They really don’t know what to expect when they get out, so seminars such as this helps the Marines learn what to expect and lets them know what their entitlements are,” Crew explained.

Each branch of the military has their own version of TAMP and the MCLB Albany classes will accept any service member who needs to attend the four-day seminar. There are approximately 20 speakers who address the attendees and answer their questions. Topics such as pay/allowances, education benefits, job preparation assistance and stress management are included.

“This class really helps service members who have been in for 20 to 30 years,” said Petty Officer 2nd Class Shannon Ellis, Naval Branch Health Clinic, who briefed TAMP attendees on medical out-processing. “It’s a look at what they can expect as a civilian.”

The Veterans’ Administration invests three to four hours during TAMP, advising Marines and sailors about VA benefits and the time frame for when issues should be addressed.

“I think this class lets most people know of the opportunities that are available and it also helps to transition people from the military to the civilian community,” said Lt. Cmdr. Marc Rouleau, public works officer, Installation and Environment Division, MCLB Albany. “We may not be aware of some Veterans Affairs benefits. We don’t come armed with a book telling us how to leave the military, so this helps.”

Rouleau, with 22 years of military service, is already seeking for employment in the civil service or private sector in order to prepare for entry into the civilian work force.

For additional information on TAMP, contact Crew at (229) 639-5426.