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GySgt. Tyler Nichols, company 1stSgt., Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany tries on Fatal Vision drunk goggles to learn about the detrimental effects of driving while under the influence at MCLB Albany, June 27th.

Photo by Re-Essa Buckels

Marines test impaired driving training aid

5 Jul 2018 | Re-Essa Buckels Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

A handful of Marines tested out a new training aid for combating alcohol and drug-related traffic offenses at the Motorcycle Range at Marine Corps
Logistics Base Albany, June 27.

The Risk Management Office recently added the Fatal Vision Roadster -- a pedal kart -- to the Traffic Safety Program. Marines will wear fatal vision impairment simulation goggles while operating the roadster to understand the detrimental effects of driving while under the influence. 

Traffic Safety Program Manager William Womble said the training aid will increase Marines' awareness of intoxicated drivers.

"There is really no pass or fail, it's more of an awareness because when someone is intoxicated they don't understand the decisions they're making and they're not really aware of how poorly they're operating the vehicle," Womble explained. "But when they're sober, and wearing these drunk goggles, they can actually see how it's affecting their vision."

The drunk goggles use a special lens technology that allows the participant to experience a realistic simulation of impairment. Womble mentioned the drunk goggles come in different simulated impairment levels with an estimated blood alcohol content ranging as low .02 to as high as .25. 

"When paired with the goggles, you can really get the effects of how your vision and perception are degraded," Safety & Occupational Health Manager Merrill Dickinson said. "While we have not had an alcohol- or drug-related traffic mishap in many years (here on the installation),  it is always helpful to introduce new methods to reinforce safe behaviors."

The Risk Management Office plans to use the impaired driving training aid during the Fall Operation Pause and the Back in the Saddle training for Marines. They'll also offer the training to active duty service members' dependents and civilian-Marines.

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