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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Maintenance Center recives new commander

By Sgt. Joshua Bozeman | | June 5, 2003

The leader at the Maintenance Center changed May 29 during a change of command ceremony that doubled as a retirement ceremony for the depot's outgoing commander.

Col. Stephen Foreman said goodbye to Maintenance Center personnel and to the Marine Corps as he handed the reigns over to Col. Peter Underwood, who was serving as the chief of staff of the Marine Corps Logistics Bases, the Maintenance Center's parent command. After passing the colors, Foreman spoke to those he worked with for the past 22 months.

"When I first arrived here, I wanted to work my way out of a job," Foreman said. "I've done that."

Under Foreman's command the Maintenance Center became known as the best depot in the Department of Defense, raising the performance goals for other facilities in its class. He attributed the center's success to the workers sitting in bleachers around him and to his leaders.

Foreman pointed out that the war in Iraq would not have been as successful without the drive and skill of the workers around him.

He thanked the workers and his leaders for helping create a successful atmosphere.

When Underwood took the microphone he kept his comments brief and to the point. 

"It is a privilege to take over for Steve Foreman, a man who has given his adult life in dedication to his country," Underwood said.

Underwood said the Maintenance Center is here to support the Fleet Marine Force, and that he looks forward to continuing its current success.

After both men spoke, the focus of the ceremony shifted to Foreman's retirement.

Brig. Gen. Richard Kramlich, the LogCom deputycommander, talked about Foreman's time as Kramlich's chief of staff.

According to Kramlich, Foreman requested the job as Maintenance Center commander and because of the junior officer's exemplary reputation, Kramlich recommended him for the job.

Kramlich recalled that at one point Foreman pulled him aside and asked if he were truly the man for the job.

Now, with the tour of duty Kramlich described as 'historical' behind him, the general officer said he never doubted Foreman was the right man to lead the depot.

Kramlich commended Foreman for a job well done and complimented his choice to retire.

"Some people are bitter about leaving when it is their time retire," Kramlich said. "Others stay until they are told to go. But Steve is leaving at the peak of his career."

Kramlich told Maintenance Center personnel that the best retirement gift they could give to Foreman is the continuation of the success he helped create.

Kramlich also pointed out that Underwood is a leader of Marines who will only continue to improve the Maintenance Center's current practices.

"The leadership of Colonel Underwood will take this place to even greater heights," Kramlich said.