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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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New weapons directive set: MCLB Albany not impacted by recent changes to Georgia’s concealed gun bill

By Joycelyn Biggs | | June 20, 2014


Persons possessing privately-owned weapons while aboard Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany should be aware of a new base order spelling out directives concerning ownership of weapons.

Base Order 5530.2A, Privately Owned Weapons, Ammunition and Explosives, replaces an outdated version implemented in 1996.

The new version addresses “regulations concerning the possession, registration, transportation, storage, use and sale of privately owned firearms, weapons, ammunition, explosives, fireworks and pyrotechnics by all personnel aboard the base.”

William McNulty, director, Public Safety Division, MCLB Albany, assisted in drafting the new base order. He said the updated order was created for several reasons.

“We wanted to make it clear that certain firearms are not allowed on the installation,” McNulty said. “We also wanted to change the existing policy to make it a little easier for (Marines) and their family members to register weapons and to make the policy clear.”

 McNulty pointed out some provisions of the policy that relate to storage of weapons for enlisted, noncommissioned officers and officers residing on base.

The order states enlisted personnel, E-5 and below, residing in the bachelor enlisted quarters must store their privately-owned firearms and ammunition in the base armory or another location off base.

The order further states commissioned officers, warrant officers and staff noncommissioned officers are allowed to store their privately-owned firearms and ammunition in their bachelor officer quarters or bachelor enlisted quarters, if the firearms are stored unloaded and secured inside a locked gun safe or strongbox. Additionally, the firearm must be secured with a trigger lock or cable lock.

The new policy allows for all residents of MCLB Albany Lincoln Family Housing to store their privately-owned firearms and ammunition in their quarters, providing they follow the same stipulations listed for those living in the BOQ or BEQ.  

Anthony Simmons, service support supervisor, Pass and Identification Office, MCLB Albany, welcomes the new base order. 

“This new order really helps us enforce the regulations and it streamlines a lot of the processes,” Simmons said. “I am really pleased with changes made to the policy as it relates to carrying a concealed weapon.”

The new policy states a permit or license to carry a concealed weapon is not recognized or valid on base.

Simmons advises any person possessing a privately-owned weapon, who is new to MCLB Albany, to register the weapon with his office within 10 days of arriving on base.

He also commented on the new procedure for registering weapons purchased from the Marine Corps Exchange here.

“Previously, the individual purchasing the weapon was responsible for getting the paperwork, filling it out and forwarding it to our office,” Simmons said, noting the old procedure left room for forms to be lost, filled out incorrectly or not be completed at all.

 The updated policy dictates the information is filled out at the time of purchase.

“MCX will forward that information directly to our office, which eliminates the service member or their dependent being burdened with coming here to register the weapon,” Simmons said.

 The updated base order appears to give some service members a greater sense of security. 

“Knowing there is an updated order in place makes me feel even more secure on this installation,” Master Gunnery Sgt. Carlotta Moore, manpower adjutant, Marine Corps Logistics Command, said. “I believe it will help ensure the right people have access at the right time, for the right purpose.”

Visit https://albany.mcieast.usmc.mil/Adjutant/ Pages/default.aspx and search under the command library for the entire order.