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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany


Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Civil Air Patrol cadets conduct basic encampment training

By Georgia Wing | | July 9, 2013

Editor’s note: The below article is provided by the Civil Air Patrol’s Georgia Wing Encampment staff.
More than 200 Georgia Wing Civil Air Patrol cadets, ages 12 - 20, converged on Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany for the 2013 Georgia Wing Encampment, June 23 - Sunday.
The purpose of encampment was to allow the basic cadets to see what basic training in the military is like and for staff cadets to develop lifelong leadership skills, according to CAP officials.
Although most cadets were from Georgia, there were several cadets from other states, according to CAP staff.
The history of the CAP encampment dates back more than 50 years. Encampments are usually held on military bases, which allow the cadets to participate in activities with the supervision of base personnel.
Cadets participated in activities including rappelling, obstacle course, land navigation course and indoor simulated marksmanship trainer. Basic cadets also have a set curriculum where they learn Aerospace education, drill and leadership skills, which they can take back to their home squadron and implement.
Capt. Shannon Williams, CAP, encampment Public Affairs Officer, said, “For the second time in two years, one hundred percent of the basic cadets attending encampment graduated from the program.”
Capt. Hayden Collins, CAP, conducted a special Advanced Training Flight during the encampment. Cadets selected for the flight were alumni of the basic encampment. They learned advanced leadership skills and advanced problem solving skills.
These skills will help the cadets be better leaders in their home squadrons, as well as throughout life, according to CAP officials.
No encampment is complete without its cadet staff. The cadet staff is comprised of line and support positions. These staff members are a part of the life-force behind the encampment. These selected cadets insured the needs of the basic cadets were met. Senior CAP staff members were also on hand to mentor and guide the cadet staff members in their leadership positions during the encampment.
“We (CAP) like coming to Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany because of the outstanding support from the base civilians and military,” Maj. Joe Jones, encampment commander, said.
For information, visit the website, gocivilairpatrol.com.