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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany


Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Albany mayor tours base

By Pamela Jackson | | May 17, 2012

Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany officials hosted Albany Mayor Dorothy Hubbard for an official brief and base tour to familiarize her with base operations and its mission, May 7.

Col. Terry V. Williams, commanding officer, MCLB Albany, said as the new mayor, Hubbard is somewhat familiar with what the base does and recently visited Marine Corps Logistics Command.

“This was a great opportunity for us on the base side to tell our story and share what we do not only for the Marines, sailors, their families and the Marine Corps, but for the community,” he said. “She has a strong interest in education, health care and how we take care of the Marines and their families, so that was the primary focus of her visit.” Following the introduction of key staff, each person gave a short brief on his or her areas of responsibility, contributions to the mission of the base and how he or she provides support to tenants and military personnel.

Bob James, deputy director, Operations and Training Division, MCLB Albany, gave a brief presentation on the history of the base, demographic breakdown, who does what and how it gets done.

Hubbard said the base is a vital part of the larger community and creating and maintaining relationships is very important.

“As a new mayor, I thought it was important for me to learn how the base operates and how (it) supports the Marines and their families,” she said.

“I was very impressed with the support the families receive, and as a retired educator, I’m equally impressed with the educational foundation the children receive here at the Child Development Center,” Hubbard added.

She said she was a little familiar, but did not know everything the base did and how it related to other commands and tenants.

“This visit was very interesting and a great opportunity to put names and faces together, build new friendships and continue building relationships,” she said. “I really learned a lot and was able to pull both visits together once I learned how they support each other and how the city can support them going forward.

“I want them to rest assured we are here for them and I look forward to partnering with them in the future,” Hubbard added.

Sworn in as the first female Mayor of the City of Albany, Ga., on Jan. 9, 2012, Hubbard began her political career when she was appointed by then Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue to fill the Ward 2 seat in March 2005 and May 2005.

She was elected to serve her first full term as Ward 2 Commissioner in November 2005 and continued in that capacity until she resigned in August 2011 to run for Mayor of the City of Albany.