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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany


Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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LOGCOM hosts Key Supplier Day

By Jason M. Webb | | July 1, 2010

The Marine Corps Logistics Command got to meet its lifeline to the supply chain when the Supply Management Center hosted Key Supplier Day, June 23-25.

The purpose of the event was to host mid-level managers from key Marine Corps suppliers to become acquainted with the Marine Corps and to familiarize LOGCOMs logistics mission in support of the warfighter.

According to Col. Ben Braden, chief of staff, Marine Corps Logistics Command, the event is geared to give key suppliers a taste of the overall Marine Corps experience while also providing them with an understanding of LOGCOM’s logistics mission and functions in support of the Marine in the field.

For first time visitor Sarah Kovacs, who works for the Army in New Jersey and manages camouflage netting supplies for LOGCOM, this was her first experience not only seeing the way LOGCOM completes its mission, but she also experienced a taste of Marine Corps life as well.

During the three-day event, suppliers were exposed to all aspects of the supply chain.

Additionally, they were given the opportunity to see and experience the same Marines they support. They received marksmanship training and heard a performance by the Albany Marine Band.

“The purpose is to give them a little touch of the Marine aspect such as shooting the pistol and shotgun, and also briefing them on the logistics command,” said Joe Wingard, branch head, Supplier Relationship Management, SMC, LOGCOM, and former commanding officer for MCLB Albany. “We are trying to establish an effective relationship with these suppliers, so that if we need anything we know who to call instead of calling the 1-800 number.”

By hosting this event, LOGCOM hopes Key Supplier Day will bond the suppliers with the faces shown during the trip.

“We are appreciative of all of those that participate in this effort and feel that this is an invaluable tool for all of us and the Marines in OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom),” Braden said. “We feel our Key Supplier Day will strengthen the team effort as we have the opportunity to meet face to face.”