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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Sergeant earns black belt instructor trainer qualification

By Jason M. Webb | | April 29, 2010

A sergeant with Marine Corps Systems Command, stationed here, has earned the title of back belt instructor trainer.

Sgt. Terrell Kelly, supply clerk, graduated March 19 and returned to Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany to train Marines after taking the highly challenging seven-week course at the Martial Arts Center of Excellence at Marine Corps Base Quantico. Va., and earned his red stripe on his black belt.

Kelly will now be able to teach Marines from the very basic tan belt training all the way to certifying someone to the level of black belt.

To earn the title of MCMAP black belt instructor trainer, Kelly had to undergo a course that emphasized three disciplines of character, mental and physical strength.

According to MCMAP course doctrine, those three together blends into a complete system and produces the best of mind, body and spirit.The program recognizes that the integrity of the three components that make up every individual Marine, when combined, is greater than the sum of its parts.

“One of the most important things that I learned while I was there was to always feel becoming.To never feel like you have arrived,” Kelly said. “Just because I’m an instructor trainer doesn’t mean that I can’t learn from a student. You have to always be open to suggestions.”

The training he received during the seven-week course will be passed on to the future generations of Marines. As one of only three instructor trainers on the base, he will be directly influencing the Marines in his classes.

The Marine Corps requires all Marines to at least be tan belt qualified. That is the beginning belt and completed at recruit training. Once the Marine enters the fleet it is up to the individual to propel himself to further achieve new belt levels.

Kelly said that it wasn’t until he arrived here to MCLB Albany that his interest in MCMAP flourished and eventually propelled him to take one of the Corps most challenging courses.

According to MACE, there are more than 300 Marine instructor trainers in the entire Marine Corps. This puts Kelly in a very elite category.

“I feel [the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program] is the best program for the Marine Corps,” Kelly said. “It doesn’t just teach you how to be a warrior; it teaches you ethics, discipline like synergy where you have the physical, mental and character disciplines. It is a great program.”

Kelly plans to assist in his first instructor training class in June, and begin teaching his first class on his own soon after.