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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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MCO lists banned substances

By Art Powell | | April 1, 2010

Personnel at Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany are subject to an order concerning the possession of substances that are legal in the civilian community, but are now prohibited by the Marine Corps. Marine Corps Forces Command Order 5355.0, Prohibited Substances, lists them.

The order prohibits the “actual or attempted possession, purchase, use, sale, distribution, introduction onto a military installation, or manufacture of any substance listed in the order or any derivative, analogue, or variant of the listed substances.”

It states that the listed substances are known to produce a ‘psychotropic effect’ similar to the use of marijuana, lysergic acid diethylamide, or other ‘psychoactive substances’ which are mind-altering or induce intoxication or stupefaction of the central nervous system.

“It’s important for all Marines to understand that the substances named in the order may be legal in the civilian community, but Marines are now banned from possessing or using them in any form,” said Sgt. Maj. Scott C. Mykoo, sergeant major, Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany. “Conviction under this order could lead to a Marine’s dismissal from service.”

Marine Corps drug policy calls for zero tolerance, and conviction under MARCORFORCOM Order 5255.0 sets the stage for the end of a Marine’s service.

The list of prohibited substances include spice, also known as spice gold, which looks similar to marijuana; mitragyna speciosa korth, nymphaea caerulea, convolvulaceae nervosa, lysergic acid amide, amanitas mushrooms and 5-meo-dmt.

Each substance is sold under a variety of commercial names and may be available over-the-counter and/or online.

The order states, “A disturbing trend of substance abuse that has surfaced throughout the Marine Forces Command and Marine Corps Bases, Atlantic, region requiring this command to prohibit the possession, sale, use or distribution of certain legally obtainable substances.”

‘Psychotropic’ and ‘psychoactive’ are terms to describe substances that affect the mind, mood or other mental processes, according to the order.

“From information we’ve received from the drug demand reduction coordinator at (Marine Corps Air Station) Beaufort, (S.C.,) the substances are running laps around the Beaufort and (Marine Corps Recruiting Depot) Parris Island, S.C., area,” said Staff Sgt. Kirby D. Wilson, substance abuse control officer, MCLB Albany. “So, it could branch out and now we have this new message about the situation.”

There hasn’t yet been an identified issue with the now-banned substances in the MCLB Albany area, according to Wilson.

“It’s not an issue around here that I’m aware of at this time,” he said.

Possession of the substances listed in the order could lead to a discharge from military service, at the commander’s discretion, for members of the armed forces and they will also cause problems for contractors and dependents, as well.

“The commander’s policy is that drugs will not be tolerated aboard the base, so the new order affects everyone at the base,” Wilson said.

According to the order, spice is prohibited because of its potential to negatively affect the efficiency, discipline and good order of Marine units.

The physical effects of spice are decreased motor function, loss of concentration and impairment of short term memory. Other banned substances produce various mental and physical effects.

For additional information on the substances named in the order, call Wilson at (229) 639-5194, or read MARCORFORCOM Order 5255.0.