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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Base firearms policy explained

By Art Powell, Public Affairs Specialist | | November 19, 2009

Personal weapons in civilian hands aboard Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, Ga., are banned, except under certain circumstances.

“A civilian may bring a weapon aboard base for a special event, such as using the pistol or skeet range when they are open,” said Capt. Mike Reynolds, operations officer, Marine Corps Police Department, Public Safety Division. “But, those weapons must be properly registered with MCPD at the Pass and Identification office.”

To register a weapon or weapons with the MCPD, Reynolds says the owner must visit the Pass and Identification office during regular business hours with information on each weapon to be registered. Once that information is on file with MCPD, someone visiting the base for a special event with a weapon doesn’t need to register it again.

“Don’t bring the weapon inside the building when you come to register it,” he said.

While transporting a weapon on base to attend a special event such as the pistol or skeet range, or for a Turkey Shoot, the weapon and ammunition must be separate­d.

“Keep the unloaded weapon in the trunk of your vehicle, and the ammunition in your glove box inside your vehicle,” Reynolds said.

Staff noncommissioned officers residing in the Bachelor Enlisted Quarters may keep a weapon in their room, and Marines living in base housing may keep a weapon in their residence. The weapons must be kept locked.  Sergeants and below residing in the barracks are not allowed to possess weapons in their rooms.

The base order on privately owned weapons is Base Order 5530.2, “Control, accountability and security of personal/privately owned weapons and ammunition.”

It is in place to prevent or deter any actions involving privately-owned firearms which may be detrimental to our mission accomplishment,” said Bill McNulty, director, Public Safety Division, MCLB Albany, Ga. “All military personnel residing on the installation are required to register their firearms, including bows and other items such as air guns and spear guns.”

Strict controls on firearms aboard base offer a deterrent to rash actions.

“By restricting the availability of firearms on base, we reduce the opportunity for firearms violence. As we have seen in the local community, gun violence has occurred frequently as a result of road rage or other types of confrontation,” McNulty said. “It has become too easy to pick up a handgun and react violently, without thinking your action through to its logical conclusion.

That conclusion could be a death, your death and or potential incarceration because the handgun was readily available.”

Violation of the weapons policy here carries with it the weight of federal law.

“If someone was charged with possession of an illegal weapon aboard base, it is a misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail,” Reynolds said. “The actual language of the federal statute covering weapons is posted at all the gates into the base.”

Individuals who have the right to carry a concealed weapon because they have a permit issued by the state of Georgia, or any other state which has a reciprocal agreement with Georgia, are not exempt from the base order prohibiting the possession of weapons aboard base, except for special events where they are allowed, if properly registered.

Base Order 5530.2 states that no more than 1,000 rounds of loaded ammunition will be possessed by individuals who have properly registered weapons aboard base.

For additional information, personnel are advised to read Base Order 5530.2, or contact the MCPD at (229) 639-8151.