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MCLB parade ground christened Schmid Field

By Lance Cpl. Shane Buckley | | September 7, 2000

In an evening filled with tears and emotion, Maj. Gen. Paul. M. Lee, Jr., commander of Marine Corps Materiel Command, dedicated the bases parade field to the late Maj. Gen. Clarence H. Schmid.
Schmid was the first commanding general here after the consolidation of the Marine Corps Inventory Control Point and Marine Corps Supply Activity commands.
According to Lee, who served as Schmids aide de camp in 1975, Schmid was responsible for merging the commands and providing the foundation upon which todays Marine Corps Materiel Command is based.
Lee remarked that Schmid was a man of vision; a man of few words.
He didnt need to say a whole lot, Lee said. He knew where we needed to go, and we knew he was the man to take us there, so whatever was said, was done.
He had a hard job. He had to not only bring together several different commands with completely different missions and make them work together, but he had to incorporate the Albany-Dougherty County Community also.
Lee said that Schmids involvement with the local community was another reason the integration was so successful.
He (Schmid) came down here from Philadelphia with open arms, knowing that community relations would play an important factor in the success of the new command, Lee said. He never said no  whether it was speaking at a parade, a business, or a church, he was always where he was asked to be.
Lee recalled sitting in awe in the command meetings held under Schmids reign as the commanding general.
You could see his compassion and his superb leadership in every word and every facial expression, Lee said. Schmid was a man of the highest integrity and ethics, and it was a great honor to work for him.
After Lee finished his remark at the parade ceremony, Schmids son, retired Marine Lt. Col. Joseph Schmid spoke.
My father loved being a Marine and as General Lee stated, it should be fun  my father had fun, we saw it every night when he came home, Schmid said.
Tears streamed down the faces of all Schmids children -- and the faces of most of the spectators -- as the late generals son reminisced about his fathers love of the Corps and the familys gratitude for the evenings ceremony that memorialized Schmid for generations of Marines to come.
I thank you, all of you, for this honor  for the parade and this dedication on his behalf, Schmid said. I cant begin to express the gratitude and honor I am feeling right now. Our family will always remember what has happened here tonight.
It is truly a dream come true for not only myself, but all of our family, said Schmid. It is a great way to honor our father, and now we know, long after all of us are gone, he will live on.