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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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High school teacher shadows MCLB employee

By Sgt. Christina Below | | May 25, 2000

To benefit students in Buena Vista, Ga., a Tri-County High School teacher came to MCLB May 10 to visit with and shadow a base executive.
Jonathan Cude, a teacher in the Business Department who specializes in word processing and keyboarding  for grades 9-11, shadowed Marine Corps Logistics Bases Installations and Logistics Director Gil Ward.
Im here to try to improve the curriculum for my classes, said Cude. I wanted to become more familiar with various business practices.
Due to a recent state program called Industry Certification, local teachers are informed about the skills industry is looking for in new employees. The program gives all teachers 18 months to meet with at least one business person, to observe that persons work day, and to share that information with their students.
When industry tells us what theyre looking for, we try to meet that for our students, Cude said. One of the things business people have presented to us is that we, as teachers, need to spend time in the business world and see what actually happens.
This is part of our effort to improve education for our students, Cude said of the Industry Certification program.
Local teachers have the opportunity to meet and visit with any business person of their choosing, said Cude. Cude was quite certain in his choice of an example.
I knew him (Ward) already, Cude said. I know he is very well organized, and I knew he would be beneficial to watch because he is a good business person.
During Cudes visit, he watched and participated in every activity and meeting that Ward was a part of.
Early in the morning, Ward and Cude went to meet with Maj. Gen. Paul M. Lee Jr., Commander of Marine Corps Materiel Command.
Later, they participated in a division staff meeting, a Personal Activity Executive Brief to discuss the status of the A76, then an A-76 all-hands briefing, said Ward.
After the meetings, we had an opportunity to tour some of the base areas, said Ward.
Ward took Cude to see the base fire department  and its training ground to watch the extrication training, with firemen using the Jaws of Life.
Before leaving the base for the day, Cude also accompanied Ward to a brief on explosive safety in preparation for an upcoming inspection.
With all the meetings and briefs Ward and Cude took part in throughout the day, the most valuable was the meeting with Lee, according to Cude.
I learned that communication is vital, said Cude. And from talking with General Lee, I learned that you have to sometimes take risks, and take the initiative to get somewhere, or youll just sit there in one place.
One of the things that General Lee talked about was the value of intuition, Ward said. ... being able to make good decisions, based on experience and education.
General Lee presented us with a formula ... I (intuition) = E (education) + Ex2 (experience, squared), said Ward.
He (Lee) said that experience is far more valuable in developing a good intuitive sense about how to make decisions and what decisions to make than any other aspect of  what you might do.
Along with Lees formula for success and the hands-on experience of an executive on base, Cude will also take back to his class more knowledge of what the base provides.
Ive lived in Albany my whole life and never knew some of the things that the base has and provides, said Cude. I know why the Marine base is getting better in Albany all the time ... there is truly some great leadership out here.
I have learned a lot out here today that I know when I share with my students, they will benefit too, Cude concluded.