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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany


Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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CARDF supplies OCO Marine reservists

By Art Powell | | April 23, 2009

Before Marine reservists deploy to Overseas Contingency Operations, they receive personal equipment from the Critical Asset Rapid Distribution Facility here.

“CARDF has two missions. We have a primary mission to source and outfit individual combat equipment for deploying Marine Forces Reserve personnel and our secondary mission is to provide newly-fielded equipment out to units for training,” said Capt. Clarence W. Tinney, officer-in-charge, CARDF, G-4, Supply Branch, Marine Forces Reserve. “We have to get equipment out quickly and live up to our name.”

With approximately 120,000 square feet of warehouse space at Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, Ga., CARDF supplies equipment such as light-weight helmets, modular tactical vests, field packs, magazine pouches, first aid kits and more.

CARDF provides supplies to more than 5,000 personnel yearly and since 9/11, more than 52,300 reservists have been activated and outfitted by the facility. The daily work load can be adjusted to fit the tempo of deployment.

“If needed, we could conduct 24-hour-a-day operations to ship equipment to stateside locations within four days,” said Tinney.

CARDF reports to Logistics Branch, Marine Forces Reserve Headquarters, in New Orleans, La., and is located at MCLB Albany in order to work with Marine Corps Logistics Command to streamline enterprise-level managed items and utilize a freight redistribution platform available here.

“CARDF ships to 187 locations in the continental United States and we have two forward-located warehouses, one at Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina and another at Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, California,” Tinney added.

The facility forecasts Marine equipment requirements 18-24 months in advance to be prepared to support future needs.

“We’re only as successful as we are because of the great relationship we have with Detachment Two, Supply Company, 4th Supply Battalion, 4th Marine Logistics   Group, Marine Forces Reserve here, Marine Logistics Base Albany and LOGCOM,” said Tinney, a 16-year Marine Corps veteran.

Marines working in the CARDF warehouse know the work they do supports fellow Marines going into harm’s way.

“I pull shipments for units that really need gear for going on deployments. It’s a satisfying feeling knowing that I’m helping fellow Marines who are doing their job overseas, ” said Lance Cpl. Gregory L. Moses, warehouseman, CARDF, who has career plans for his Marine Corps service. “I plan on going to school and becoming an officer.”

Helping other Marines is on the mind of Lance Cpl. Edward H. Short Jr., warehouseman, CARDF, while he works in the warehouse.

“It makes me feel really good that I can help other Marines make a difference,” he explained. “We have to pay attention to details in an order, because if we get a quantity wrong, then the Marines won’t get the gear they need and they could be going into combat. So, we have to make sure everything is in the order that’s supposed to be there.”

The administrative responsibility for CARDF is just as important as the work in the warehouse because logistics success, to a large part, lies in the details.

“I’m the go-between with the units to make sure they’re getting supported the way they should be,” said Master Sgt. Nordia Minzie, operations chief, CARDF. “Also, I make sure we have the things we need in order to function, because we can’t support the units unless we stock the equipment. They need this gear to go into the fight.”

CARDF is staffed with both active duty and reserve Marines.

“But you’d never know the difference,” said Tinney. “We all want to get the job done and support the warfighter.”