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Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany


Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

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Meet ‘Team DDAG’

By Maj. Kent Wheeler | | October 8, 2008


As the commander of Defense Distribution Depot Albany, Ga., or DDAG, I’m often asked the question, “Exactly who is DDAG and what do you do?”

DDAG is a combat support command located on Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, Ga., and we are responsible for receipt, storage, issue, packing, preservation and transportation.

Our higher headquarters is the Defense Distribution Center, which is headquartered in New Cumberland, Pa.  Ultimately we are part of the Defense Logistics Agency, which is headquartered at Fort Belvoir, Va.

DDAG is one of 25 defense distribution centers around the world and one of the smallest in terms of staff. 

Our workforce is primarily civilian, but we also have two Marines on staff. 

One of the two Marines is the DDAG commander, a position that is traditionally a Marine because DDAG’s primary customer is a Marine Corps organization. The other Marine is a supply technician who works in Inventory Section.

Our support to Marine Corps Logistics Command includes providing those items LOGCOM needs on a daily basis to accomplish its mission. 

DDAG is LOGCOM’s primary source of storage and distribution of secondary repair parts and expendables. 

The items DDAG stores include electrical supplies and components, bulk parts and small parts, in addition to clothing, textiles, construction material and Meals Ready to Eat. 

Last year alone, DDAG processed more than 116,402 transactions. DDAG also played a key role in relief efforts following Hurricanes Gustav and Ike by shipping more than 1.5 million MREs to feed survivors and relief workers.

DDAG has a multi-faceted mission and, although our primary focus is on our local customer, we also have a broader mission to support the Department of Defense.  This includes providing transportation management for MCLB Albany and its tenants.  DDAG also stores and provides wholesale distribution support for nuclear, biological and chemical protective suits.

Additionally, DDAG’s team of highly skilled carpenters routinely construct specialized containers that allow for the safe and efficient shipment of items that don’t fit into conventional containers. 

DDAG carpenters have designed and built containers for the FRAG5 armor project, Mine Resistant Ambush Protected armor, Logistics Vehicle System armor cab and numerous other special projects.

Other special projects include building 463L air pallets with humvee tires to support Operation Iraqi Freedom, off-loading and receipting for retrograde containers of material and building the martial arts kits for the Marine Corps. 

We might not be the largest organization within the Defense Distribution Center but, like the Marine Corps, we do more with less. 

DDAG’s employees are proud of the mission they perform and are always aware that accomplishing their mission allows America’s warfighters to accomplish theirs.