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NCO earns meritorious promotion

By Lance Cpl. Kevin J. Ridlon | | June 3, 2004

Marines who excel in their jobs and are noted for their stellar performance are often given an opportunity to compete for meritorious advancement.

Generally, these Marines consistently demonstrate their motivation and leadership potential.

This was recently the case for Sgt. Dexter White, noncommissioned officer in charge, Customer Service, Disbursing Office, who was meritoriously promoted to sergeant, May 21.

"I feel good," White said. "Being a sergeant is great. It was a goal I wanted to achieve. Now that I have, I have to move on."

The way Sgt. White got this promotion was a long process that started back in April with the NCO of the Quarter board. The winner of this board then competed against the top corporals from both Blount Island Command in Jacksonville, Fla., and Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow, Calif.

Although the NCO board was won by Sgt. Michael Pratt of the Albany Marine Band, White was next in line to compete for the rank of sergeant.

White's very impressive package was then sent out and was reviewed by the three sergeants major of each command.

Among White's package was a list of all the outside activities that he partakes in outside of work. He is a Young Marines drill instructor, Single Marine Program vice president, NCO-and-below Ball Committee vice president, and also serves as an umpire for Little League baseball and softball.

"The activities that I do outside of my job helped me out a lot," White said. "It shows that I am looking out, not just for the Marines in my office, but for all Marines. Being a drill instructor for the Young Marines also shows that I am helping to take care of future Marines."

Even though White is very active on the outside of work, he still finds time to do his job to the fullest and makes sure everything gets done on time.

"He excels at everything he does," said Gunnery Sgt. Darryl Thomas, finance chief, Disbursing Office. "His work ethics go above and beyond what the expectations are, and he is also a very motivated Marine to his peers and subordinates."

This promotion has helped White move one step closer to his goal in his career, as he also just re-enlisted for another four years.

According to White, his career goals are not too certain at this point. He has been deciding on whether to stay on the enlisted side or switch over to the officer side. He has goals for both sides though.

"If I stay on the enlisted side, I want to make it to sergeant major," White added. "If I go to the officer side, I want to make it to colonel."

White has become a motivator to many of the other Marines in his shop along with being dedicated to his work.

"Sgt. White is a stellar Marine," said Capt. Mathew Floto, finance officer, Disbursing Office. "When he first stepped into this office, he hit the floor running and has not stopped since. He is a truly motivated and dedicated Marine that any officer or staff NCO would be proud to have in their ranks."