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NNOA hosts 8th Annual Scholarship Ball

By Cpl. Denyelle D. Spillane | | May 3, 2003

The National Naval Officers Association's members provide professional development, mentoring and support cultural diversity.

NNOA maintains a positive sea services image in communities and educational institutions.
In keeping with their mission, the NNOA's local chapter held their 8th Annual Scholarship Ball at the Base Officers' Club here May 3.

The NNOA awarded two $1,000 scholarships to local high school students who showed outstanding leadership and academic achievement. 

One of the two recipients is Trianna McCall, 18, a senior at Albany High School.  McCall currently ranks third in a class of 148 students with a grade point average of 4.1.

"It's hard in these times to afford college," said McCall. "It is an honor to receive this scholarship."

McCall has participated in several organizations ranging from the American Red Cross Junior Board to the Rewarding Youth Achievement Program and has consistently contributed approximately 20 hours of spare time a week to various services since the 9th grade.  

According to the NNOA scholarship selection board, McCall's teachers stated that she embodies many qualities that are needed in today's youth. Her instructors consider her as well rounded, hard working, and committed to the overall school program.  She shows a great deal of maturity and enthusiasm for a young lady so junior in her years.

Although she is undecided on a specific college, McCall does plan to attend. Her options include Wake Forest, University of South Carolina, University of Georgia, Tuskegee, and Georgia Southern.  McCall plans to major in Political Science and Business with aspirations of becoming a lawyer.  After completion of the State Bar, her career ambition is to return to the community and support the abused, mistreated, and afflicted community members.

The other awardee was Shirmeika Saunders, 17.
Saunders is also a senior at Albany High School and ranks 20 in a class of 148 with a grade point average of 3.6. 

She has participated with several programs to include the Student Council, Beta Club, Drama Club, and the Debate and Basketball Team. Additionally, Saunders has been involved with the Young Marines program. 

During her time in the Young Marines, she served as the student commanding officer and the executive officer. 

Upon graduation, Saunders plans to attend Emerson College where she will major in communications.  Her career goal is to become involved with television production and ultimately own a network broadcast station.

"It's encouraging to be recognized for hard work.," said Saunders. "This scholarship is going to help me accomplish my goals."

According to selection board, Shirmeika's teachers said she is the epitome of a model student that strives for excellences and seeks out new challenges when mediocrity has become acceptable for her generation.  Her participation in a multiplicity of extracurricular activities is clear evidence of her well roundedness and her outstanding potential.

The chapter members recognize students in the community for their hard work.  The chapter has awarded more than $8,000 in college scholarships to local high school students since the program began.

"The ball represents the continuing relationship between NNOA, the base and the local community," said Lt. Col. Ronald Wallace, storage and distribution director and chapter president. "The members of NNOA are committed to giving back to the community."

Col. John T. Boggs, commanding officer, Headquarters and Service Battalion, Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego, Calif., was the guest speaker. Boggs is also the national president of NNOA.

A native of New York City, Boggs was commissioned to be a Marine officer in 1976.  He has commanded at every level, served in key staff assignments and attended all levels of resident professional military education.

At the ball, Boggs congratulated the recipients, applauded them for their hard work and encouraged them to press toward their goals.

After dinner and the speaker's positive remarks, the scholarships were awarded. 
Each recipient had the opportunity to publicly thank the NNOA.